Just What Is Paleo Eating?

Here comes another diet that you want to try- “Paleo” diet. But are you really equipped with the right information about this diet? Just what is Paleo eating? We’ve listed a few things you need to know about it so you are ready to take on the Paleo eating challenge.

When you hear about a new trend, you’ll usually get curious and take a “sneak peak” at what the trend is all about. Now you may have heard about Paleo diet every now and then from a friend, a relative or a colleague who is trying it or would like to try it. Curiosity has surely led you to read this article, and you’ve actually landed on the right page. We’ll answer the most frequently asked questions that you may encounter and may change your view and lifestyle for the better.

The Cave Man diet, Primal diet, Stone Age diet- call it by the name that suits you, The Paleo diet is unique on its own because of the food that the diet requires you to eat. To understand the Paleo diet further, here are five facts that you need to know and must also consider when planning to pursue this diet system.

• What Are The Basics Of The Paleo Diet?

Paleo diet is a diet that requires food that are not processed or have not gone through any agricultural process. The idea behind this is that food that have undergone any agricultural processes are no longer “natural”. This is to make the diet similar to the diet of people from prehistoric times. The diet usually has lean meat, nuts, berries, fruits vegetables and eggs.

• Where Did The Paleo Diet Come From? Who Started It?

The Paleolithic diet is believed to have originated from prehistoric times but the idea of using the cavemen diet can be traced back to a 1975 book written by a gastroenterologist Walter Voegtlin. Further studies were made in 1985 by Stanley Boyd Eaton and Melvin Konner. But the peak of the diet’s popularity reached its highest when Loren Cordain, a well-known personality, reintroduced the diet in a book “The Paleo Diet” in 2002. This even led him to trademark Paleo Diet.

• What Are The Major Food Groups In The Paleo Diet?

In Paleo diet, lean meat is a go. In fact, seafood, meat and other meat products are always present in a Paleo meal. The diet also discourages carbohydrate-rich food and starchy vegetables but encourage fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins, nutrients and fiber. Unlike other popular diet schemes, Paleo diet allows moderate to higher intake of fats. Do take note that the fats excluded from Paleo diet are trans fats and Omega-6 fatty acids.

• What Can The Body Benefit From With The Paleo Diet?

One of the most sought after benefits of the Paleo diet is losing weight, and you will definitely lose weight. This is because the level of satiety will be higher due to the protein and fat from the food in the Paleo diet. You’ll also get the anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing benefits from the fruits and vegetables you will consume. You need not worry about chemicals, too, since the Paleo diet encourages the eating of organically grown food.


• What Ailments And/Or Diseases Can The Paleo Diet Lessen The Chance Of Acquiring?

Some people seek to have a regular diet to prevent or at least decrease the chances of acquiring diseases. There are some people suffering from heart disease, obesity, inflammatory diseases, diabetes and even cancer who find the Paleo diet is the best diet scheme for their health status. Since the Paleo diet focus on healthy fats, lean meat and fresh fruits and vegetables, these diseases and many others can be prevented.

These are just the basics of the Paleo diet that you need to know. If you choose to continue with this diet, you’ll definitely find more reasons to stick with it. The Paleo diet is a great way to improve your lifestyle health even though it is based on an old style of eating.

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