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Is Grilled Meat Still Paleo?

Is Grilled Meat Paleo Approved?

I recently read through an article that claimed that grilled meat was bad for you.

Here we go another thing that will kill us all.. scaremongering!

Paleo Diet - Grilled Meat

This was the first I had heard about it, so I did a bit more investigating.

The problem according to is that…


Grilling can create two different types of potential cancer-causing agents: heterocyclic amines (HCAs) and the polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). What are these and why should they matter to you? PAHs refer to the smoke that is generated from fat drippings. When grilling, smoke will envelope your meat, thereby transferring PAHs to the meat. On the other hand HCAs are generally formed when meats are grilled under significantly high temperature for extended periods of time.

In recent studies, these two culprits are closely associated with the development of colon, breast, prostrate, and stomach tumors. Many people I know would just say, “Well, everything is it now considered cancer causing agents, right?”


Right, that’s scary/my nice healthy Paleo BBQ’s just might not be that healthy.

So am I still going to eat grilled meat? Hell yeah!!!

It is recommended that you grill your meat rare or medium rare, and using a marinade can help reduce the level of HCA’s that form as the meat cooks.

Paleo - Barbecue

I think the thing that you should take away from all this is that you shouldn’t try to burn your meat or have it well done.

To answer the main question… Is grilled meat still paleo?… YES, IT IS!!!

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