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Healthy Paleo Breakfast Choices

The modern breakfast might be the worst meal of the day for many people. Just think about it for a second. There are millions of people who start their day with boxed cereal, white toast or even donuts! Loading up with starchy carbs from refined flour is just a terrible start to anyone’s day. In fact, it has been said that with lots of breakfast cereals, you would be better off eating the box! So why not try a paleo breakfast?

Even if you haven’t adapted to the paleo lifestyle yet (and why not?) breakfast is the perfect time to have a nutritious meal to set you up for the day without filling up on processed junk. Unfortunately, we have been brainwashed into believing that we really need all those starchy carbs otherwise there is just no way that we can make it through the morning!

Now hopefully you know that this is rubbish and can look past this sort of advertising. So what really works for breakfast? What should be you be eating ( and drinking) if you want to get a healthy start and keep energy levels high all day without crashing?

Actually, the problem with giving my perfect paleo breakfast suggestions is that most people won’t do it because of time. In fact, one of the reasons why we tend to eat so poorly in the morning is because we are in a rush. It is often a case of grabbing what you can as you head out the door to work or on the school run. There are ways around this though and here are some ideas to think about as well as the perfect weekend breakfast for when you do have time to prepare things a little better!


For an everyday breakfast, I want something that is tasty, quick and gives me enough energy to do whatever I need to do in the morning, whether it is at work or looking after the kids. For me, eggs are the perfect breakfast food. However, I don’t always want to be scrambling, frying or whatever. A really good idea is to boil some the night before, peel them and then leave them in the fridge overnight. This makes the ideal portable breakfast. Given that most paleo followers eat a lot of eggs, it is important to prepare them in different ways but also use different things to flavour them. I like to make my own natural ketchup and dipping my boiled eggs into this is a great start to the day!

A lot of people like to take a few carbs in to start their day. Obviously, we want to avoid the usual poor choices like cereal and juice. For me, a piece or fruit or two is excellent. As with the boiled eggs, it is also an easy way to eat on the move. I actually like to prepare a bowl of chopped fruit and nuts the night before. I usually squeeze the juice of a lime over the top. This gives it a really sharp, refreshing taste and also preserves the colour and the texture of the fruit overnight.

Something else that works really well is to mix a few raw vegetables in with this. Things like cauliflower pieces or fresh avocado are really good. This can be an especially nice idea if you are someone who struggles to eat enough veggies over the course of the day. Why not get your five (or more) in straight away?
At the weekend, this type of breakfast is fine, but it is nice to make something a little bit different when you have the time. Making your eggs into an omelet makes sense. I often scramble a few eggs with a slice or two of really good ham or even free range smoked salmon. Sprinkling dill over eggs and salmon might be one of your favorite ways to start the weekend.

If you are one of those people who has a really tough time moving away from a traditional, carb-heavy breakfast, why not try a paleo waffle or muffin? There are some delightful recipes that use almond flour and coconut oil to create a lovely, light texture. Using some fresh fruit in the mix and you are set for a couple of days of activity (or rest and relaxation if you prefer.)

Breakfast might not be the most important meal of the day and there is certainly nothing wrong with skipping it now and again if you want to try a bit of intermittent fasting. However, if you are going to eat breakfast, don’t make it an excuse to eat rubbish. There are plenty of healthy, tasty solutions that work regardless of how much time you have. Try the Paleo breakfast!

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