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Paleo Celebrities

Diets and celebrities seem to be a perfect match. You can guarantee that the latest fad diet will be promoted by the current Hollywood star. We all know that this is little more than a commercial exercise. But what about Paleo? This is about as far away from a fad diet as you can get. It is hard to imagine Brad Pitt on the screen telling us how he lost 20 pounds in a week doing Paleo! And yet, there are quite a few celebrities who do eat this way, or close. Here are eight Paleo celebrities.

Grant Hill

If anyone should be a poster boy for Paleo, Hill could top the list. A guy who played for two decades in one of the most physically demanding sports out there, Pro Basketball, and was still competing aged forty with the best in the world. Hill says Paleo allowed him to do this.


Jack Osbourne

Many people remember Jack, son of Ozzy and Sharon, announcing that he was suffering from Multiple Sclerosis (MS). He sees Paleo as the ultimate anti-inflammatory diet. He considers MS to be an inflammatory disease and given that there is no cure as yet, avoiding modern, processed foods that can cause inflammation is top of his list of weapons in his fight against the disease. It also helped him drop a lot of fat (over forty pounds.) Definitely, one of our Paleo celebrities that many of us can relate to.


Uma Thurman

Many famous actresses claim to look as good as they did 10 or 20 years ago. With a little help from their plastic surgeon and a bit of skilled airbrushing, this might be the case in photos. Thurman is a little different. Her love of whole, raw foods has kept her looking and feeling great for over 2 decades. She looks just as good in the flesh as she does on the front covers of magazines too.


Aaron Rodgers

Rodgers is one of the growing numbers of professional athletes who swear by the Paleo diet. In fact, the Green Bay Packer’s quarterback regularly takes his copy of Cordain’s book with him on the road. He is just the tip of the iceberg as sportsmen and women try to play better and for longer through healthy living and eating.


Megan Fox

How many people realise when looking at Megan Fox that she is in her twenties? She looks better than many actresses who are twenty years her junior. She feels that cutting out dairy made the biggest difference for her and helped her lose all the weight gained during her pregnancy in a short period without having to follow a hard workout regime. She feels that Paleo helps her feel and look better than when she was a vegetarian previously.


Eva La Rue

Although many celeb Paleo eaters don’t speak out about it much in the press, Eva La Rue is an exception. She sees her role as setting an example for her fans and particularly for her daughter. That’s why she stays fairly strict even when she is on a hectic work and travel schedule. She credits Paleo for looking great but feeling just as good as she looks.


Tom Jones

Welsh singing legend Tom is a surprise to find in this list. In fact, he is quite a recent convert and used the caveman way of eating to lose overĀ 30 pounds of body fat in a few short months. This is amazing at any age, but even more so for someone in his seventies!


Matthew McConaughey

Matthew is a true example of someone who lives a Paleo celebrities lifestyle rather than merely following a diet. He keeps his food clean and traditional and that reflects in the way he looks. Allied to a regular workout routine, it shows just what is possible.


There are many other celebrity Paleo eaters. It goes to show that this lifestyle works for even the busiest among us and can make a real difference to health and physique at any age. So take a look it may surprise you just how many Paleo celebrities there are these days who have followed this lifestyle.


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