Paleo Diet - Carbs - Good Vs Bad

Carbs – Good Vs Bad

Carbs are something that you are probably still unsure about, even though you have been following a Paleo lifestyle to the letter. However, the infographic below does an amazing job helping to not only explain what carbohydrates are, but also what kinds there are. Plus it also helps to tell you where you’ll find the best source of carbs that will ensure that you stay healthy.

Paleo Diet - Good Carbs & Bad Carbs

Generally speaking, when it comes to carbs you might want to keep the following in mind.

1. The foods to provide you with carbohydrates your body needs and are healthy are those rich in fibre.

Paleo Food - Rich In Fiber

2. The reason why we often choose to dislike it is because they cause our blood sugar and insulin levels to spike, which in turn can lead to us storing fat, which of course, in turn, leads to weight gain.

Paleo Diet - Rum Or Vodka - Low In Carbs

3. If you want to enjoy the occasional drink (alcohol) but want to avoid consuming too many carbohydrates then opt for distilled beverages such as rum, vodka, and whiskey as these contain no carbs whatsoever.


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