Are All Carbs Bad For You: Know Which Bad Carbs You Should Avoid

Which Bad Carbs Should You Really Avoid To Stay Healthy?

Break the myths behind good carbs labelled as bad.

When people hear “carbohydrates” or “carbs” these days, you might see them cringe, especially for those who are following a “low carb” diet. Since diets came out like mushrooms, they have labelled food as being good or bad. Because of this people avoided even good food that provides good benefits to the body. Carbs were one of the food groups that became a victim of such labelling. In an instant, bad carbs became unwanted by those who fear their waistlines “about to get bigger”. But let’s face it- carbohydrates can’t be avoided and must not be avoided.

What You Need To Know About Good And Bad Carbs

There’s more to carbohydrates than giving big tummies and love handles. Studies have proven that an adult needs the calories that can only be found in carbs. Remember that carbohydrates make up the food pyramid, so avoiding them or completely shunning carbs from your diet is never a good idea. Instead of removing carbs or labelling each one as “bad carbs”, it’s better to get acquainted with carbs that can help your body become even healthier. So here are a few carbs that you can definitely add to your diet and not worry about gaining too much weight.


Yes, besides potassium and fiber, bananas are a great source of carbohydrates. The fiber in this carbo-filled fruit helps your body eliminate fat deposits and even toxins from your body. The carbohydrates that it brings to your body can be easily absorbed and won’t leave you with a nasty love handle. Plus, we can add bananas to smoothies, pancakes, bread or eaten as is and you’ll feel full


When we talk about cereals, it’s about those lovely whole grains without the sugary additives. Yes, cereals with fresh fruits in the morning are bliss and you don’t have to stop yourself from this. Like bananas, cereals are great in removing fat deposits from your body. They also give your body a boost of energy that you’ll need for your activities for the day. Remember that it’s the sugary additives that cause harm to your body.


If you want to feel full for a little longer, then quinoa is great. Quinoa may be full of carbohydrates but it is also full of protein. Protein helps build muscles and gives your body a good source of energy. Not to mention that this lovely food is full of fiber that can help you eliminate those extra pounds.


There are many areas in the world that get their carbs from bread, and they don’t even worry about it. It depends on the type of bread you choose. Whole wheat, those with raisins and bread that use fewer additives, sugar and all the “unhealthy” fats are a good bread to start with. It is also advised that you eat 2 slices of bread per meal and you will have a good carb without the fear of getting additional fat.


It does not include corn chips in this. When we say corn, we mean the real thing: classic corn on cob freshly cooked without salt or butter. Besides from tasting better, corn also has the fiber and can boost your body with energy that won’t leave those fatty deposits in your body. Like cereals, corn is great in the morning, or if you want something filling but not too heavy for your dinner, corn on the cob can do the job.

Remember that not all the diet plans can determine what your body needs and what it doesn’t. Each person has a unique body type. The need for sticking to a no-carb diet can be a great solution for your needs and weight. You should also take note that moderation in food is the best key for keeping your body healthy and maintaining your ideal weight.

The above graphic will further help you identify just which good carbs you should include in your diet and those bad carbs you should be avoiding.

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