Paleo Food - Benefits Of Beef Bone Broth

A Look At The Benefits To Be Had From Paleo Diet Bone Broth

Benefits Of Paleo Diet Bone Broth

You may have heard some of your friends brag about the benefits they get from the broth, particularly bone broth. It’s definitely part of the Paleo diet, but what benefits does it really give your body?

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When you think about bone broth, you may think it’s the plain, bland broth used for soups and stews, sauces and gravies. Bone broth is considered part of the Paleo diet, and it is far from being bland. Many people enjoy the benefits of bone broth whether they are practicing the Paleo diet. If you are still oblivious to why this broth is great for your health, then the information we have gathered below will definitely help you out.

Bone Broth Basics

Bone broth or bone stock is called such because it is the bones from cattle, pigs, sheep, fish, chickens, and turkeys that are used.  When making a broth or stock that is Paleo acceptable you need to use beef bones that come from grass-fed animals, wild caught fish or organic poultry.   The animal bones are then slowly simmered to extract as much flavor from them as possible helping to create the base for nutrient dense food.

Paleo Food - Meat Bones

The bones used can just be from a single source or several types of meat. Once made this stock can be used for a variety of different hearty soups or stews, and can be cooled and refrigerated or even frozen in ice cube trays for use at a later date. One particular feature you’ll come across when making a broth with bones is that when it cools it becomes gelatinous rather than staying in liquid form. Celebrities are endorsing this type of bone broth recipe because of its natural health benefits.

Benefits Of Bone Broth

Beef or Chicken broth or any other type of broth made using bones offers healthy gelatin that improves or maintain good gut health. Not to mention it is full of anti-inflammatory nutrients, healthy fats, protein, and minerals. Even in its solid form bone stock is great for the gut by helping to heal any damage that could have been caused by medical conditions such as leaky gut syndrome.  Plus, it can also help to ease digestive issues such as constipation, diarrhea, and food intolerances. It also protects the body from infection but also lessens the effects of such. It’s no wonder why our moms prepare soup made from chicken stock or beef stock when we have some tummy problems or suffering from a cold or flu.

Paleo Recipe - Bone Broth

Any of these broths will prove beneficial to our joints as they contain glucosamine and chondroitin.  Such nutrients could not only provide relief from joint pain now but can also, help to reduce the chances of developing joint problems in the future.

The minerals found in free-range chicken stock or the grass-fed beef stock may make you look and feel younger. These minerals are the kinds that help to rejuvenate and promote healthy growth of hair and nails and skin.

As your body will absorb nutrients from the stock you’ve made, then this will lead to you having healthy bones that are much stronger.

Why Making Bone Broth Is Such A Great Idea?

Because bones are cheaper to buy compared to meat,  so making your own batch of bone stock can prove more cost effective than buying it from the grocery store. If you will make your own, you can buy the bones on their own or with some meat attached. It is best when buying bones you choose those that come from grass-fed animals or freshly caught fish. But if you’re on a tight budget, then bones from farmed animals or fish will do.

Choose marrow bones and to these when cooking you can also add some meaty bones. When cooking your own bone stock, don’t forget to include a good selection of Paleo vegetables and herbs. Not only will they add to the flavor and aroma of your broth but also increase the number of health benefits you gain from eating it. Adding salt to beef stock or any broth is fine but not during the cooking process as this will lead to the salt becoming even more concentrated.

Paleo Food - Marrow Bones For Broth

Making your own bone stock or broth takes time. Normally, it can take anywhere between 24 and 72 hours to make a good stock or broth. But it all depends on the type of bones you choose to use.  So the best way to make yours would use a crock pot or slow cooker.  However, you can speed up the process if you want by placing all the ingredients into a pressure cooker.

There are many broth recipes that involve bones you can try, which you can find by searching online or using any cookbook you like.   Making bone broth is easier than you think when you follow a Paleo lifestyle, just remember to use only bones, meat, and foods that are Paleo approved.  So before you discard those bones, try making your own broth or stock and create something tasty and healthy that your whole family will enjoy.

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  1. A lot of recipes that call for broth, can really have a good flavour brought out with the right bone broth. It can give a meal a real kick when you make your own broth, especially when you start to perfect your recipe. I never realized how many benefits it had either. Just another reason that.. Paleo is the way to go.

  2. I’d definitely say that there really are benefits in taking bone broth. I’ve been taking Au Bon Broth for some time now and there were changes with me, that even my friends noticed and complimenting. Everyone should try bone broth, it really helps with your health.

    1. Soleil, rather than taking Au Bon Broth, have you thought about making your own as it may prove even more effective and beneficial to your health and wellbeing.

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