Paleo Food - Reasons To Invest In A Pressure Cooker

6 Reasons To Invest In A Pressure Cooker

Recently I’ve noticed that one piece of kitchen equipment popular in the 70’s and 80’s seems to be making a comeback. On almost every cookery show I watch the pressure cooker seems to be used. But why is it that this piece of equipment is gaining in popularity once again.

They have come such a long way from the kind of model that my mum had in her kitchen. There are even some models that these days don’t need to sit on the stove that you just plug in.

Well, there are several reasons why pressure-cooking is making a comeback.

Reason 1 – Food Retains Most Of Its Nutrients

Pressure Cooker 3

Food cooked in a pressure cooker retains more of its nutrients because they don’t need to be cooked for as long. Remember the longer we cook food for then more of the nutrients will be destroyed.

As well as the food being ready a lot faster, pressure-cooking requires the use of less liquid. As the liquid in the pan boils away this helps to remove more of the nutrients. But faster cooking means that the food doesn’t only retain more nutrients, but a lot more of its colour and flavour.

You’ll find when cooking this way that it helps to enhance the richness of the foods flavour. Also, more of the foods natural flavour is kept.


Reason 2 – Saves On Your Energy Bills

pressure cooker

When pressure-cooking you don’t need to use as many pans, as it lends itself to one pot cooking. Also, as the food cooks faster it means less energy is needed to prepare the.

As the price of electricity and gas goes up we are all looking for ways to help keep these costs down.


Reason 3 – Saves You Time When It Comes To Preparing Meals

Pressure Cooker 4

When you use a pressure cooker you can create meals where all the ingredients cook together. All you need to do is simply prepare the ingredients. If you are putting vegetables in just wash them and then cut them up and add to the pot.

By the time you’ve finished tidying up and setting the table the meal will be ready for you and your family to enjoy.


Reason 4 – Kitchen Is Cooler

Kitchen Cooler

As the heat and steam are retained inside the pressure cooker this means that you’ll notice the kitchen feels a lot cooler. In the summer, this can prove a real godsend.


Reason 5 – Far Less Washing Up To Do

Pressure Cooker

As well as having to wash up the pots and pans you’ve used, you’ll also need to clean down the walls and stove after cooking. But the lid on the pressure cooker is so secure that no food is able to escape from it. Plus of course, now you’ve only got one pan to clean rather than 2 or 3.


Reason 6 – Use It To Preserve Food

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A pressure cooker has been designed to allow you to preserve foods for future use. But if you are looking to preserve your own food you’ll need one of the larger model pressure cookers. These are often known as “canners”. Such models are able to develop up to 15psi. They need to produce higher levels of pressure to ensure that the food is cooked properly so it can then be stored.

So as you can see investing in a good quality pressure cooker is a great idea. It will certainly make the process of cooking cuts of meat such as cheek or oxtail a lot easier.

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