5 Best Fish To Eat On A Paleo Diet

Best Fish To Eat On Paleo Diet

Want to try Paleo Diet but you’re not much into meat? Why not try fish low in saturated fats? Here are the five best fish you can eat and still are part of the Paleo diet food list.

Whilst the Paleo diet is most commonly associated with meat and fresh fruits and veggies, fish is also part of this diet. There are so many fish to choose from, especially if you are not fond of meat. These fish can also help you adjust your palate and body to the Paleo Diet. These fish also provide certain health benefits to your body, not to mention how tasty they are.

Fish is well-known for Omega 3-fatty acids. A heart-friendly type of fatty acid that can keep you safe from heart disease and other chronic diseases, and reducing the risk of developing high blood pressure. On this list, we’ve included shellfish which is a great addition to your Paleo diet meal plan. Take note, however, that even when eating fish and shellfish, moderation is the key to enjoying a successful diet. Also, make sure you have no allergies to fish or shellfish before adding them to your Paleo plan.

Now here are the five best fish you can add to your Paleo diet.

1. Salmon

Paleo Diet - Best Fish Salmon


One of the most common but overlooked fish when it comes to the Caveman Diet. Salmon, especially un-farmed or wild-caught fish, is a great source of Omega 3-fatty acids. But it does not stop there. Salmon is a great source of Vitamin D which helps your body reduce the risks of having cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, Type 1 Diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. We also know salmon to help the brain stay healthy and develop well. If you are worried about mercury content, we know salmon to have the lowest risk of mercury and other toxins.

2. Sardines

Paleo Diet - Best Fish - Sardines

We could have gone to tuna, but we know tuna to have a higher risk of having mercury, so sardines are a better choice. But that is not the only reason why sardines is on our list. Not only does it benefit the body as much as salmon does, but we also know sardines to keep your skin healthy and have anti-oxidant properties. It even helps your body have stronger bones and is full of amino acids that can help build healthy muscles because of the healthy fats they contain.

3. Anchovies

Best Fish To Eat For Weight Loss


The smallest of the fish in our list, anchovies are packed with nutrients that help the body in a big way. Anchovies have a low-calorie count, which is great if you are into Paleo diet to lose some weight. This small fish is protein-packed, which decreases your cravings to eat more than your body can use, and which is one reason why we class it as the best fish to eat for weight loss. Anchovies are also great for tissue and muscle repair, bone and skin health. Plus anchovies contain fewer toxins because of their size.

4. Shrimp

Shrimp - Paleo DietShrimp - Paleo Diet

Although shrimp is one of the most common allergens. We’ve included them because of their health benefits. Shrimp are low in calories but are rich in protein, which means you get healthier bones and muscles while losing weight. Shrimp is also high in Astaxanthin, a type of carotenoid that helps the body reduce ageing. If you are also having some problem with thinning hair, shrimps can be a great solution because they are rich in zinc.

5. Clams

Paleo Diet - Clams

If you want to guard your body against anaemia, arthritis, and hypothyroidism, then clams are your best shot. Clams have high levels of iron, which can help prevent your body from feeling weak or easily tired. We also know clams to help pregnant and lactating women. Selenium in clams helps the body fight off arthritis, whilst copper helps the body have better thyroid metabolism. They also link clams to the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease by providing the body with high levels of Vitamin B12.

There are other fish and shellfish you can add to your Paleo diet. Just be sure of where your fish is coming from so you don’t have to worry about toxins and mercury. These five best fish and shellfish can give you a wider selection of Paleo food choices that will still fit in with your Paleo Diet meal plan.

A Chart To Show 5 Best Fish For The Paleo Diet

5 Best Fish To Eat On A Paleo Diet

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