Paleo Meal - Steps To Help Develop A Well Balanced One

Steps To Help You Develop A Well Balanced Paleo Meal

Steps To Develop Well Balanced Paleo Meal Plan

One aspect of following a Paleo diet that many people find confusing is the size of the portions they should consume at each Paleo meal. As we are all aware modern diets revolve around a person counting the calories, macros, points or checking to see if we are in Ketosis. This means that there is a need for being able to track every that you eat.

However, the first thing you will notice when it comes to following a Paleo diet is that it is very liberating. This is because there isn’t any counting involved, you need not adhere to a strict weekly meal plan and you need not track how many calories you are eating. You can eat what you want along, as it is foods that are approved. Plus you can eat whenever you want. When you follow a Paleo diet this can be confusing.

Steps To Help Develop A Well Balanced Paleo Meal

In this article, I will offer some advice about creating the perfect meals for you every time.

They will tell you when trying to lose weight it is best to eat a little and often. However, when it comes to following the Paleo diet you should eat only 3 meals each day. By doing this you are allowing your body sufficient time (3 to 4 hours) between each meal to allow glucagon in your body to do its job i.e., provide your body with energy. Furthermore eating in this manner helps to keep levels of leptin in your body normal.

Steps To Create The Perfect Paleo Meal Plan

To create the perfect Paleo meal plan every time you should use the following steps.

Step 1 – Build each meal around a protein source. It can either be meat, fish or eggs. Protein is a vital component of each of your meals as it is this that helps to stabilise your blood levels and prevents you from eating too much at other meals.

Paleo Meal - Protein Source

Step 2 – Ideally the amount of protein you eat at each meal should be equivalent to the size of your palm. Also, make sure that you ensure that the protein is also the same thickness as your palm. Each meal you eat should include between 1 and 2 servings of protein that are equivalent to the size of your palm.

Well Balanced Paleo Meal

However, when it comes to eggs you should look at eating as many as you can hold in your hand. For me that would be 3 eggs, however, if you have a much larger hand you may find that you can hold 5.

NB: Make sure that you are also eating enough protein in relation to the amount of exercise you are doing. If you are relatively active then you should eat at least 2 palm size portions of protein with each meal.

Step 3 – Now fill the rest of your plate with vegetables. Ideally, make sure that you eat a mix of both nutrient and carbohydrate dense vegetables with each meal. Again if you are someone who is active then make sure that you eat plenty of non-starchy vegetables that are carbohydrate dense. The kinds of vegetables I would recommend here would be parsnips, beets, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, and pumpkin.

Paleo Food - Vegetables

Step 4 – If you are intending to eat fruit then you need to only enjoy 1 or 2 servings each day and these should be around the size of your fist. You have the option to either eat these as part of your Paleo meal plans or as a snack.

Step 5 – Finally we come on to healthy fats. You must make sure that you include some of these into each meal you prepare. If you will use olive, coconut or almond oil then only use about 1 tablespoon or 2 teaspoons with each meal. When it comes to butter (clarified, ghee, coconut and nut varieties) then use again 1 tablespoon or 2 teaspoons of each (whichever you choose) with a meal.

Paleo Meal - Healthy Fats

I hope that you find these steps above useful when trying to determine just how much each Paleo meal you create should be comprised of as part of your new Paleo lifestyle.

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