Should You Eliminate White Potatoes From Your Paleo Diet Altogether?

One of the first things you are likely to eliminate from your diet when you decide to go Paleo along with grains is white potatoes. If however you are someone who wants to eat as healthily as possible then there isn’t anything actually wrong with them.

You may be wondering why I say this? Well let me explain why by providing answers to some of the most common reasons why they say eating white potatoes isn’t good for you.

Reason 1 – They Are Too Starchy

Yes, they do contain high levels of carbs, but this still doesn’t mean you should stop eating them. The carbs they contain are good for you and also they don’t contain toxins like gluten or phytic acid in them.

Paleo Food

Reason 2 – Aren’t As Nutritious As Sweet Potatoes That Appear On A Paleo Food List

The problem with this  is the fact the levels of nutrients within white potatoes isn’t that far off what you would find in sweet potatoes. Both 100grams of sweet potatoes and 100grams of white potatoes provide you with between 0 and 5% of your RDA. Also, each of these types only contains 10% of the Vitamin B6 your body needs. However, white potatoes actually contain more Vitamin C than the sweet potato variety.

Paleo Food - Not As Nutritious

Okay, sweet potatoes contain more Vitamin A than the white variety. However to be able to obtain it you need to make sure that you are eating enough fat so that your body can actually convert the beta carotene found in this vegetable into Vitamin A.

However, one thing you may want to consider is that white potatoes contain less fructose compared to sweet potatoes. In fact, the balance of sugar and starch in white potatoes is much healthier.

Reason 3 – Have A High Glycemic Index

Certainly in one study carried out it was shown that white potatoes have a much higher GI than sweet potatoes. But what you may not realise also is that sweet potatoes actually contain more fructose and sucrose than white potatoes do, and isn’t actually providing your body with a good source of carbs.

Have A High Glycemic Index

Reason 4 – Member Of The Nightshade Family

Like tomatoes, bell peppers, and eggplant the white potato contains chemicals known as glycoalkaloids. This can lead to a person developing symptoms associated with a condition known as leaky gut. However it only actually affects people who are intolerant to these kinds of foods. The same also goes for people who suffer from autoimmune disorders, or chronic joint pain.

Paleo Food - Nightshade Plant

So just because this food affects some people doesn’t mean that everyone needs to eliminate them from their diet completely. What you need to do if you really want to avoid consuming too many of the chemicals mentioned above is to actually remove the skin before eating as this is where most of them are located.

Reason 5 – Are A Junk Food

Are A Junk Food

My answer to this is, that they aren’t they have only be associated with being a junk food because most often we associate them with being a bag of crisps or a pile of chips with our fish or burger. When boiled, roasted or baked they can provide you with a healthy meal at a fraction of the cost of some other items you enjoy now.



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