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Are You Getting Enough Vitamins and Nutrients?

One accusation that’s often levelled at a Paleo lifestyle is that we don’t get enough vitamins and nutrients in our diets.

That’s just not true!

Paleo Diet - Nutrients

With a well-balanced Paleo diet, you will get far more vitamins and nutrients than the average person does on a typical western diet.

In fact by using this excellent you can easily compare your daily diet with that of a workmate or friend and shut them up forever!

Paleo Food - Vitamins

A couple of years ago Neely Quinn from the excellent compared her typical daily diet with the typical daily American diet. (Not sure if McDonalds for lunch is typical ) but each of the diets comprised 2004 calories so I suspect that overall she underestimated the typical western diet which is a point she makes in the article.

The results were staggering, in almost every area of the Paleo diet it was found to be over the recommended the daily values whereas a conventional western diet was under.

Paleo Diet

This weekend I urge you to do 2 things

Read her article in full

And spend an hour on checking the nutritional value of your current diet.


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