You Don’t Have To Get It Perfect, You Just Have To Get It Going…(And An Easy Ground Beef Recipe)

Paleo Keema Matar This is my inaugural post on PaleoPancakesandMore. I envisioned it being perfect, polished and something to inspire the masses. A post to present a tasty paleo meal while sprinkling in inspirational musings throughout. It was going to be posted on a perfectly polished blog layout and to be published on February14th to acknowledge the one year anniversary of our joining our CrossFit box and committing to our current lifestyle.

But alas it is February 15 as I write this, it won’t post until February 16 as we work out the final blog design and the meal I’m posting isn’t at all what I planned. I didn’t have all the “right ingredients” and forgot to take pictures of the meal as it was plated. Nothing worked out at all how I envisioned.

So why post today vs tomorrow? I’m a busy mom with two young children,
a wonderful husband and two old dogs. Between work, family and fun my life is full to the brim. If I keep waiting for perfection on this, the site will likely never get started. Why post now? Because you don’t always have to get things perfect, sometimes you just need to get them going.

This is what I promise to offer you as I develop the site: honesty. I’m not a health practitioner or a paleo expert; I have however personally felt the positive effects of eating paleo and am committed to the paleo diet. I am constantly learning and have started this as a project to share what I know, what I have learned and what I will continue to learn. Finally and perhaps most importantly for those of you searching for recipes, I am a pretty good cook.

So without further adieu, tonight I made Keema Mattar over cauliflower rice and although it wasn’t what I envisioned, it was darn tasty! I always like a lot of veggies so I served this with several sliced up bell peppers and jicama. Final note, whenever possible I cook enough to have leftovers, note all my pretty pyrex storage:)

Paleo Keema Matar


Keema Mattar

  • Heat the oil and add your onion and garlic being careful not to burn the garlic.
  •  As the onion begins to look transparent add the grass fed beef and spices.
  • Once the beef is cooked through add the sweet potatoes and diced tomatoes including the juice. Stir it all together, cover and turn to low heat.
  • Let it continue to cook and soften the sweet potatoes while you make the cauliflower rice.

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