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What If Doing It, Just For The Sake Of Doing It, Was Enough?

This is a question I have been pondering lately…

Mostly in the morning after I miss a crossfit workout. Maybe on a quick run when I realize how winded I am because I haven’t been training as long. Sometimes when I am having a second glass of wine or eating something I know in the long run is not going to be a good choice for me. What if I could make “good” choices for no other reason than I knew they were “good” for me?

Sometimes I work out on my own and am consistent. Sometimes I am not. Sometimes I work out with my husband, this often drives me forward the most effectively. The family that plays together, stays together- and for us, working out is often play. Sometimes I work out as part of a larger community like at our CrossFit box, and there are months where this is magical, and then suddenly it’s not…

I tried the 21 Day Sugar Detox and held strong for about two weeks. In the two weeks I can tell you I saw a marked change in my body… but I didn’t have an end goal in mind other than general health. That didn’t seem to be enough for me.

I already eat mostly paleo barring the random bit of rice if going out for sushi or a piece of candy on Halloween. Why? I don’t have something driving me…


When training for”something” I am more apt to make my workouts, skip the second drink, not eat a random sweet when presented. But not always…

What if Doing It, Just For the Sake of Doing It, Was Enough?

This is a question I’m pondering right now and I don’t have the answer yet. What if taking care of myself didn’t need to have an end goal. What if I could be like Cal pushing his trucks up and down hills, round and round the playground with no end result in mind, just for the sheer joy in that moment. Yep, it’s been making me think.

However, it is causing me to ponder a second question as well which is:



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