Waffles And Weeding And A Paleo Peach Waffle Recipe

paleo peach waffles This morning was up and at em as usual. C, our son, is an early riser and I was up with him and the sun this morning. C is crazy for the outdoors and since he could move makes his way to the backdoor each morning shortly after waking up and cries to go out(this sounds like I’m talking about a dog, but really, It’s our one year old…). Since it has warmed up the mornings I am on duty I have been indulging him. Nothing better than fresh morning air, listening to the birds and when the day calls for it a little weeding. We have had some high heat and intermittent moisture recently and the garden beds aren’t too crazy but definitely needed to be weeded a bit.

weeds and chard I love nothing more than pulling weeds. It’s one of those jobs that you get a quick return on investment. You go from unruly and overgrown to clean and tidy, most times in a fairly short time frame. C splashed in the wading pool while I plucked the weeds around our cauliflower, chard and purple cabbage. After an hour or so outside we headed in to make breakfast. I’ve been craving some comfort food lately and decided to tweak a great recipe for toaster waffles that I found in “Eat Like a Dinosaur” by the Paleo Parents. The first time I made them my husband,  and I liked them but M did not. Not quite sweet enough for her morning palette. I made a few changes to use some ripe fruit I had on the counter and appeal to her at the same time. The creation I came up with were these waffles and they rocked. I ate more than I would like to admit, the kids each had two and we still have a ton for leftovers. This is my kind of recipe!!!

C approvedPaleo Peach Waffle Recipe

  • Peel Peaches and Banana and puree(You can use a food processor for this which is super slick. I however took the lazy man’s route and used my immersion blender. It took a bit more time but less to haul out, clean up and put away).
  • In a separate bowl blend the almond butter until smooth.
  • Combine fruit puree, almond butter and all other ingredients until smooth.
  • Let the batter sit for a few minutes so any air bubbles can work their way out(I saw this on Alton Brown once back when I actually had time to watch a show with any sort of attention)
  • Scoop appropriate amount of batter onto your waffle iron and cook accordingly. For our little farm animals waffle iron from William Sonoma it takes about 1/4 cup per waffle and cooks for about 3 minutes on high.
  • If you’re sitting down for breakfast serve these up with some pature raised butter, maple syrup and a peach garnish. If you’re like me, eat them while you’re standing at the counter continuing to cook the rest of the batter:)

I love our animal shaped waffle iron- We’ve had it for almost 10 years, our oldest child is only 5… Do you have any wacky, whimsical kitchen gear you love? Farm animals waffle iron

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