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Turkey Sliders Turned Stir Fry – Release the Struggle!!!


20120801-221315.jpg This week I have really been enjoying just rehating food I cooked on Sunday. I have also been ejoying the fact that the kids were eating it! The paleo pulled pork was a hit with all of us as was the chinese chicken stir fry. So much so that last night when it came time for dinner I didn’t have anything left to reheat. No problem, I had planned for the week when I shopped over the weekend and decided to make some turkey sliders that the kids have also enjoyed previously.

It all started out successfully enough. I took the kids to the pool from 4-5:30 so they were content to sit and play while I pulled everything out and got to work. Just about the time I finished chpooing the onion and grating the carrot Cal changed his mind. He kicked in to hyperdrive and was alternating between running, laughing, screaming, laughing, wanting up, wanting down… Now like any mom I have become a bit of a master at one armed meal prep but sliders don’t really allow for this method of cooking.

At first I was irritated, I would put him down, he’d cry “Uppy”. I’d pick him up, he’d wiggle down. Doesn’t this kid get that I’m trying to make him dinner!!! I wanted to make my two pounds of sliders that I could enjoy with them for dinner then conveniently eat on the go for the rest of the week. Cal was not having any part of that. What to do???

Return to my yoga, remember my roots, and release the struggle. I chucked the veggies in some bacon fat on the stove to start to brown. Played a few minutes, tossed a ball to have him chase…. That bought me a minute to dig out spices and stir the veggies. Toss the ball again, that bought me time to plop the turkey in the skillet(yes, plop, it was exactly that eloquent a movement). Toss the ball again(ok, it was kind of like fetch but he was really happy….) and throw some kale in the wok to stir fry as the base. 10 minutes, and one happy tot later, M, Cal and I sat down to dinner. Not the sliders I was hoping for but something just as tasty that allowed for both Cal and I to do exactly what we needed to- he needed to play and have some attention, I needed to put food together for my family. Twas a win/win!!!

Obviously, you could pat the below mixture in to patties as that is what I usually do with it…

Turkey Sliders turned Stir Fry

  • finely dice a red onion (put half of it away for paleo pico de gallo or something else)
  • finely dice or grate a large carrot (I like to grate mine, my kids are big on textures and the grated version in burgers seems to go over better)
  • heat a large skillet with 1 TBSP bacon fat
  • add onions and carrots and begin to sautee
  • when onions start to soften plop the ground turkey in the skillet
  • break it apart with the spatula and begin to combine with veggies
  • add spices
  • cook to completion

Serve this mixture over kale, in steamed collard greens, on lettuce boats or just eat it out of the glass container you store the leftovers in. The choice is yours…

Do you struggle to make dinner while caring for your children or do you cook in advance?


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