Paleo Recipes - Curried Soup With Shrimp & Chicken

The Mike Meals – A Lightly Curried Soup With Shrimp And Chicken

ahhhh, a new category of posts I have been meaning to start for sometime. The Mike Meals. Mike is my brother-in-law who lives across the street. At least once a week he cooks dinner for our clan and then I do the same. We all follow a pretty strict paleo protocol for adults and then feed the kids paleo, with some gf sprinkled in for sanity, and treats at their and our discretion out of the house.

There, I said it! The kids are mostly paleo at home and have free will available to them outside of the house. I’ve never hidden this fact, I’ve just never fully addressed it- or maybe I have but I don’t remember. I have a lot to say about this, and someday I will talk about it further, but now… I’m posting about Mike and his meal he made this week.

I asked him at the bus stop this afternoon what we were having for dinner and his response was “A Lightly Curried Soup with Shrimp and Chicken”, and so…. that is what this recipe shall be called.

A Lightly Curried Soup with Shrimp and Chicken

  • Place a large stock pot over medium high heat and combine the curry paste with the oil and heat for a moment
  • Pour the chicken broth and coconut milk in to the pot
  • Smash one stalk lemongrass and add to the pot with the sliced ginger, boil for a few minutes
  • Place your chicken in the boiling mixture and turn down to simmer
  • Let simmer for 10 minutes or until chicken is done
  • Add the shrimp, peppers and mushrooms and cook for 3-5 minutes until shrimp are pink
  • Garnish with basil and sriracha for added heat (I would also recommend cilantro but we have two adults in the clan that are cilantro haters so it was avoided this evening)

Scoop it up, serve it up, slurp it up. YUM!!!

If you’re wondering what the other dish is on the side it is a salad he crafted of tanaka buffalo sticks, tomatoes, chile paste, poblano and coconut… strange and surprisingly delicious… He said he felt a little like he was competing on chopped as he created it…

Hmmmm, wondering what I should make this week…. pork, yeah, probably pork:)

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