Swimming, Spouses And Smiles: Paleo A Go Go Snacks

Lake Terramuggus This morning was my milestone swim at Lake Terramuggus. Off to Tower Beach and back. We loaded up the kids and all headed over to meet my swim coach. It was one of those mornings where everything was great. Sun was shining, kids were smiling, Steve was home, I ran the vacuum(this is huge), and we hit the road on time.
We got to the lake right at 9 which was our meeting time when I realized I forgot my wetsuit. Instead of freaking out and calling off the swim I took a moment to assure myself I could go the distance without it and enjoy the process of doing so. The water was warm, I wasn’t going to feel constricted in the shoulders like wetsuits inevitably make me feel and I was going to gain confidence in swimming my longest distance to date without the help of flotation; and guess what, I did!
J, my coach, counted down and I was off cross the lake. Face was in, breath was good and I found my rhythm right away. I wasn’t scared of anything today, I was just excited to meet a milestone. I was one with the lake and the lake was one with me. I even swam
over the famed Terry the turtle, and it was OK!
So what was different today? I went in to the water with a different mind set. I was happy to be there. I was excited to go the distance. And at the root of it all, my love, Steve, my husband was finally home after a week of traveling. I’m one of those lucky folks who met their husband young, married him shortly thereafter, and loves him more each day. Sappy I know. However I realize Steve is my great equalizer. I’m a little crazy, he’s a little sane. I like to worry, he doesn’t go that route, I like to fire before I aim and then think I’m ready, he usually at least spots the target first. Together we bring the best out in each other. Just knowing he was home in CT, back on the beach, playing with our bubbas put me at ease. It made me want to do the swim and do it well. It made me know I could do it! It made
me happy to be there.
It is for all of these reasons each time I climb out of lake and put my wedding ring back on my finger I take a little moment to reflect. I reflect on just how lucky I am to have the husband I do and how fortunate I am to still want to put the ring on my finger to signify our union day after day.

banana and almond butter
After the swim I pulled out my paleo a go go recovery snack. A big banana and almond butter packet. I know, I know, a little low on protein and a little high on fat immediately post workout. However, the combo makes me feel good and it travels well.
As I ate the snack a couple passed by smiling as they carried an underwater metal detector. They were in the lake the day before and his wedding ring slipped off his finger to the bottom of the lake. The obviously values their union and the ring and all it signified as well. After it happened they went home, did the research, found the equipment and came back to find
Do you have a great equalizer in your life? How about a favorite paleo snack that travels well?

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