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Snowflakes, Kiddos And Chunky Chili

Snowflakes and chili- no two of them exactly identical to any other, at least not in this house.

Wednesday brought our first nor-easter of the cold season and this meant snow. 1″ was forecast, by yesterday morning we easily had 8″-9″ in our yard. Scraping and sweeping off my car I might be inclined to guess even more (one day I will clean out our garage so we can park at least one vehicle in it. Yes, one half is devoted to a squat rack and bumpers, a trojan chair and rings, but the other half… its just full of junk).

The snow was gorgeous, it always is. The excitement of a few flakes after last year, which outside of the early october freak storm brought next to none was exciting. The first snow of any season always excites me. My bubba had pink eye and was home so I was lucky to get to take him outside when it started and listen a he uttered, “bubbles, bubbles” over and over. I was able to take him out again after some accumulation and watch as he mowed the snow. I got to revel at his sheer wonder in experiencing the snow for the first time that he could remember. What a treat!

Kids and snow- in my world they go hand in hand. No such thing as it is too cold to play outside… that is what snowsuits are for. I let M and C play in it as much as they wanted. Even last night after the sun had set I let M stay out back fervently building an igloo, knowing that today it would all be melting. and as I sit here putting the final touches on this post, it is.

The other thing that goes hand in hand with snow for me- chili!!! Lots and lots of chili. Cornbread used to be part of this equation as well but I am learning to pass on this, most of the time. When I just cant resist there are some pretty good gluten free mixes out there…

As I mentioned above, chili is like snowflakes in this house, no two are ever exactly the same. I always set out with a general plan that usually includes some ground meat, some tomato something and some cumin, that’s the basic template that I tend to build from. Beyond those three key ingredients however, anything is possible.

Here is what I did yesterday, and it was ridiculously delicious!!!

Chunky Snowday Chili

  • Roughly chop bacon and started browning in a large sauce pot over medium-high heat
  • as fat begins to render toss in the onion
  • as the onion begins to soften crumble in pork and beef stir
  • as the meat browns add garlic and cumin
  • sauté until cooked through
  • add all tomatoes including juice
  • bring chili concoction to a boil

The chili is fine to eat at this point and tastes great… but, I always prefer to let it simmer on low heat as long as possible. The flavors will intensify(I made mine at lunchtime to eat for dinner this evening) and there is something about cumin simmering for hours on end that just makes me happy…


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