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Slow Cookers – 3 Things To Consider Before You Buy

We all lead pretty hectic lives these days, so having the time during the week to prepare and then cook Paleo diet meals from scratch can prove difficult. If you would like to come home to some delicious smells and some great tasting fresh food then why not invest in a slow cooker (crock pot).

With slow cookers, you have a convenient and easy way to create some delicious tasting meals for the whole family. Plus you may find over time that using such equipment helps to keep food costs down. This is because with such a machine you are able to cook cheaper cuts of meat in it as they tenderise whilst the slow cooking process occurs.

But with so many of these machines now available how do you go about choosing the right one for you? Below are the main things to consider when you choose to purchase a slow cooker.

1. How Many People Will You Be Cooking Paleo Diet Meals For?

Paleo Recipe - How Many Are You Cooking For

This is something very important to consider because it determines what size slow cooker you buy. On the box it may say that the slow cooker is able to hold up to 6 litres, however, in reality, they tend to hold less. With most of these appliances what you will find is that the space available for cooking is only 2/3 of what is stated on the box. It is important to remember that you cannot fill the bowl in which you are cooking to the top.

If you are only cooking for 2 people in your home then a small one that states it is able to hold 3/4 litres should be sufficient for you. However in a home where there are 4 or more people then, of course, you need to go for one of the larger models one that claims to hold 6 litres or more.

2. Should It Be Round Or Oval?

What shape it is will depend on what you intend to cook in yours. If you are only going to be using it for stews, curries or soups then you’ll find one of the round ones is suitable. However for those who are intending to use it for baking say roasting a whole chicken then, of course, the oval one is a better option because fitting a chicken in one is much easier.

Slow Cooker - Round Or Oval?


3. Do You Want One That You Program Manually Or Not?

Paleo Diet - Slow Cooker - Manual Or Automatic

The main reason why most people tend to opt for the manual models is that they cost less. However, there are certain advantages to spending a little more on the slow cookers that are programmable. With these once the cooking time has elapsed-then they will automatically switch to a program to ensure that the food is kept warm for a specified amount of time. But be aware that with these models you aren’t able to set a time for when cooking begins. You still have to turn them on before you leave home, or you could always consider investing in a timer switch that plugs into the socket and which your slow cooker then plugs into.

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