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Which Pressure Cooker Should You Be Using?

The pressure cooker use has been around for some time now. But even so, the thought of using one may be something that you haven’t considered. When I was growing up my mum had one. I can remember plenty of times when it was in use that we weren’t allowed in the kitchen. Plus the sound it made would scare the hell out of me.

But these days pressure cookers have changed a great deal. The risk using them is now non-existent. When cooking with such equipment, they don’t make that high pitch screeching sound.

They also come with certain safety features. One of which ensures that excess pressure isn’t able to build up within them. Also, they come with locking lid handles. This then prevents you from opening them until all the pressure gets released.

These days there are two varieties of pressure cooker that you can invest in. These are as follows:

1. Combination Pressure Cooker

Paleo Diet - Pressure Cooking

This is an all purpose pressure cooker and is much more lightweight than the other variety. You are able to use this on an everyday basis for preparing great tasting nutritional meals.

These models develop up to 15psi of pressure. It makes them suitable for your canning needs. But you can only do so in small batches.

2. Pressure Canner


Paleo Recipe Equipment - Pressure Canner

These types of pressure cookers are of a much heavier construction. They have been designed so you are able to preserve foods for long periods of time in jars. Such offer the same benefits as a conventional pressure cooker but have a much larger capacity.

This type of pressure cooker is often used on a daily basis. As well as being much heavier they are also a lot thicker. As a result, you’ll find that they take a lot longer to heat up.

As already discussed in a previous article there are certain benefits to be gained from investing in such equipment. In the next article, I will offer up a few tips on how to go about getting the right one for your particular needs.

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