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Pot Roast For Breakfast

I have a bad habit of planning more things than are comfortably possible to get done in any given day but I have a good habit of somehow pushing through the time constraints and getting most of it done anyway. The week before Ironman was crazy getting everything ready, Steve working out of town, my getting in my longest swim to date, work, kids, etc… Somehow in the midst of this chaos I decided to cook a bunch of stuff to blog about. I got the cooking done but didn’t quite get the blogs up. It’s time to catch up…

The Weekend before we were slated to drive to Lake Placid I inventoried my grass fed beef from Savage Hill Cattle Company and saw I was pretty much down to some ground beef, stew meat, soup shanks and bone in chuck steaks. Lots of chuck steaks. I pulled three out and decided to cook them pot roast style some night before we left.

Fast forward to Wednesday morning. I had three defrosted grass fed chuck steaks in my fridge, a ton of packing to do and a plan to hit the road by 1pm. What was the logical thing to do? Cook them of course…

That’s exactly what I did and after a few hours in the oven they were perfect and Steve, the kids and I loaded up on a tasty meal before hitting the road. This is the second time I have made a pot roast in the morning(a few months ago I somehow bought one, brought it inside, and set it down on the couch only to forget about it for the next couple of hours- still not sure how that happened. I crock potted it overnight after searing it and it turned in to one Happy Accident) and I have to say, it’s becoming a breakfast fave!!!

On this Wednesday morning I made the following pot roast variation.This recipe takes some time but is really easy and totally delicious. I had put off cooking the chuck steaks since getting them but I’m fairly certain this is going in to the weekly rotation until we use them all up.

Paleo Chuck Pot Roast

  • Preheat the oven to 350
  • Heat a large skillet over a high setting
  • Salt and Pepper the steaks and sear each one for a couple of minutes on each side.
  • Wash and peel parsnips and chop in to large chunks
  • Peel and quarter onions
  • Layer parsnips and onions in the bottom of a large roasting pan or casserole
  • Place steaks on top of vegetables
  • Pour broth or water in to pan and cover
  • Place in oven and roast for 2-2.5 hours until meat is tender and falling off of bone

Paleo pot roast

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