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Plans Change, Roll With Them…. And Some Pecan Crusted Paleo Scallops

After a week away we got home late Saturday. My plans for cooking this week were heavy on grill methods, BBQ short ribs, BBQ chicken, Burgers and more. Well, it turns out our grill has been recalled, As I reasoned with Steve that we had been using it for 5 years, wouldn’t it be fine if I just continued the answer was…. NO. Evidently some people were killed by the grill actually exploding. So, the plans for the week have changed. It’s the 4th of July and I have NO GRILL. Did you hear me- NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GRILL! Damn!!! Oh well, plans change, got to roll with them.

We went shopping on Sunday to fill the refrigerator and it seems like everything I went to buy was unavailable- sorry we’re out of ground pork, no veal either… You want what kind of peppers? Anaheim, poblano- what are those??? And as much as I love Stew Leonards they don’t stock almond butter and I was totally out (I am never totally)!!! So the waffles I was going to make Monday were vetoed. The ribs and chicken I was going to grill, no longer on the menu. Even the basil burger sliders I wanted to experiment with weren’t coming together. Oh well, plans change, deal with it.

I decided to grab a nice piece of wild salmon and broil it for dinner when people all around me were yelling for lobsters. “I’ll take 4, I’ll take 3, I’ll take 8”. Finally I asked the fish monger what was going on- how much were lobsters that day anyway. $4.99, Guess what we had for dinner… LOBSTER! I immediately ordered 2 and then started to think of the many 4th of Julys Steve and I spent in Maine pre kiddos and decided to add some scallops to the mix. So, Plans change, roll with it. If I hadn’t just kept moving through the store to find other meal options I never would have known about the huge lobster sale and we wouldn’t have had the fun experience of teaching M (and her little bro Cal who was incredibly uninterested) about these tasty creatures, their exoskeleton and hot to eat them. Good luck/Bad luck that they were out of everything else I was looking for- who knows. All that I know is once I got the lobsters and scallops I was inspired to get moving on a beautifully presented patriotic plate for dinner that night.

I boiled the lobsters(Just Google it). Then I made these Pecan Crusted Paleo Scallops and rounded it all out with some greens fresh from the garden and a Patriotic Potato Salad. Dinner was beautiful and delicious.

Pecan Crusted Paleo Scallops

  • Preheat the oven to 400 degrees.
  • Take out a glass casserole or other baking dish.
  • Lay the scallops out in a single layer.
  • Either chop the butter up in to tiny pieces and spread them evenly across the scallops or take the easy route like me and microwave it to melt
  • Finely chop/pulse 1/2 cup of pecans
  • Sprinkle pecans evenly across the top of the scallops and butter
  • Bake at 400 degrees for 20 minutes
  • If you like a little crisp on the pecan crumbs pop the oven to broil for a couple of minutes at the end
  • Remove from oven and squeeze lemon over the scallops. Use additional or same lemon for garnish
  • Devour



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