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Planning, Productivity And Paleo Pulled Pork

20120729-210437.jpg Day 2 at home and man is it good to be back. This Sunday was jam packed like so many of them are but I find that with a little planning my productivity goes way up. Yesterday I got my big haul from Whole Foods so I was set to cook a bunch today and have it ready to go for the week. Steve is gone three days this week and cooking a good, healthy meal while your 1 and 5 year old run circles around you is not my idea of a good time. Whenever possible I’ll plan for these occassions and cook ahead.

Today right after breakfast I tossed a 4.25 lb pork butt in the crock pot with a cup of barbeque sauce, set it on low and let it go for the day. I know, I said toss, that implies just chucking something without much care- that’s pretty much how it went…. I cared that I had good quality pork, I cared the the pork butt made it in to the crock pot, but other than that the 2 minutes I spent pulling y crockpot out, TOSSING the pork in, the dumping the sauce on were pretty effortless. Call it easy Paleo…. Sure it cooked all day but I didn’t have to do anything…

20120729-210451.jpg Sometimes I make my own sauce, sometimes I don’t. Today I did not. I relied on my old faithful “Bone Suckin Sauce” which is advertised as all natural and gluten free. Reading the ingredients it looks to me about as paleo as processed gets- yes there is Xanthan Gum which isn’t a naturally occuring substance and evidently some people have problems with it. I don’t and today I didn’t want to mess with making bbq sauce so I decided not to be paleo perfect. The sauce also has molasses so if you’re avoiding added sweeteners keep this in mind. For more about molasses read here.

So after I tossed my pork in we went about our day and found ourselves out and about at 3 with a little guy who desperately needed a nap and we knew we would never make it home before sleep set in. What did this result in…. a drive. Yesterday I posted I was looking to buy a hog and was immediately directed to Eddy Farm in Newington. We headed down and are SOOOOOO glad we did. We are on a waiting list for a pig share, stocked up on some great produce and met the nicest young farmers. That’s all I will say here about that- just read my Eddy Farm post…


Finally we came home, I resumed my “planning and productivity”. I put together a big chicken stir fry, cured our bacon for my “Bacon Experiment”, cleaned the kitchen and pulled and put away the pork.

The fridge is now stocked with a few meals, the sink is clean(Major accomplishment) and I’m about to move my desk to my new office space so I can work tomorrow without a toddler climbing in my lap the entire time… Oh the possibilities!!!

Paleo(ish) Pulled Pork

I say Paleo(ish) pulled pork because the paleo part will come down to your choice of barbecue sauce…

  • Plug in your crock pot
  • Toss in you pork butt
  • Dump in your sauce
  • Slow cook 4-5 hours on high or 8-10 on low
  • Pull the pork in the crock allowing it to sit in the sauce until cooled and put away (The meat will fall apart with a simple stab of the fork)



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