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Patriotic Potato Salad

I wanted to come up with something patriotic for independence day. I always love the 4th of July and have since I was a kiddo. We used to go to the pueblo West parade when I was little and then a carnival at the elementary school. I was a watermelon eating champion more than once(pretty sure I could still claim the title…).My granddad used to make BBQ chicken on his big old orange weber charcoal grill. My grandma would make macaroni salad with little shrimp in it. We would spend hours lighting off fireworks on their back patio until the ones set off at the Pueblo West Inn a few miles away would start- we had a clear view then because Pueblo West barely existed and nothing was there. As I got older and married Steve we would often find ourselves in Maine on or around the holiday. If we weren’t in Maine we would often be back in Pueblo enjoying the holiday at my sister’s house. For the two years that we lived in Stapleton we would go to the park parade and watch the hordes of babies and toddlers all glammed up in their red white and blue threads march with streamer decorated trikes and strollers. I love the fanfare. I love the patriotism(even if only for the day). and I love many of the culinary traditions associated with it.

What I don’t love, and never have is the mayo drenched salads everyone seems to make that are left outside baking in the sun on a patio table. So here is my take on a potato salad for the 4th of July. I actually said to Steve I’m making a red, white and blue German salad to which he smirked and replied, “Well if it’s a German potato saled, it’s not very patriotic. So, for the record, this is not a GERMAN potato salad- it is a red, white and blue all American Patriotic Potato Salad. Switch out the blue potatoes and make it on anyday other than the 4th and call it what you like:)


  • Wash potatoes then cut them in to small rounds
  • Place them in a pot and start the water to boil
  • Boil until the potatoes are soft but still have a nice bite to them. Al Dente!!!
  • Place potatoes in serving bowl
  • While Potatoes are cooking dice the Bacon and start to cook it in a skillet over medium high heat
  • Dice the Red Onion and once the bacon fat begins to render add these to the skillet
  • Cook the skillet mixture until the onions begin to soften and the bacon is crisp
  • Dice 1/2 of a Red Bell Pepper add to skillet at the end of cooking time
  • Carefully add Cider Vinegar whisking in to bacon fat
  • If you like mustard seeds add them to the dressing at this time
  • Pour over the potatoes and toss
  • You may serve this dish either hot or chilled.

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