Partly Due To Vanity, But Mostly Due To Health…

I’m sitting in my bed typing this on my phone. I just took some steroids and a puff off of the new inhaler the doc at an urgent care prescribed me this afternoon. I’ve been in this bed for two days now cursing my lungs, this infection, and in some ways myself.

You see I came to paleo for training reasons, fitness reasons, even a few reasons related to vanity. But those never made me stick to it. Nope, they weren’t enough.

I stuck to paleo for health reasons. To control the asthma that reared its head uncontrollably when I was pregnant with our second child. To heal a gut that never knew what normal felt like. To ground myself.

And it’s been good. It’s been sooooooo good. Don’t get me wrong, I struggle with too much sugar and maybe too much wine. I even sometimes eat rice with sushi(honestly I don’t think this is a problem- for me). But almost never do I wander in to the realm of a known glutened product. I usually stay away from dairy too.

You sometimes forget life before…

Some how recently I forgot all of this. I signed up for the Lurong Challenge(yes, I’m figuring out challenges are not for me) and lost my way.

It all started with the elimination of grass fed butter on the challenge. I stuck to it for about a week, 9 days maybe, then I started discounting the butter thing. This is something I have read quite a bit on and everything indicates it is fine. So, butter was back in the skillet.

Then somehow, someway, I started craving cheese. I started visiting the little basket of remnants at the Whole Foods cheese counter to buy myself just a little, not a lot. Literally 4-5 instances over the month.

And then one day someone bought me my first pumpkin latte as a treat… It was good. Over the course of the last month I’ve had a few more. Not daily, but probably once a week.

Finally Thanksgiving occurred. Dinner was fine. I was so on track. No stuffing, no candied sweet potatoes, no crap. And then dessert came out. Everything was fine. Pumpkin pie- not a fan. Cookies- harder to resist but doable.

And then out came a coconut custard pie. My dad’s favorite. The dad that passed away 11 years ago one week before Thanksgiving. “F”” it I thought, I’m having a slice.

Well, that was a week ago. And here I sit. My asthma flared up, bronchitis and laryngitis and really feeling totally rotten. I don’t think the food is 100% the cause of it, but I do think it is related.

I have had at least one case of a bad respiratory infection every year for as long as I can remember, except for last year. Last year I was so dialed in nutrition wise. So in control. And I could breath.

So tonight as I sat in my final steam shower of the day, took my prednisone and a puff off of my inhaler, looked down at my hips, slightly wider than usual, I welcomed myself back to paleo. To primal. To grain free. Call it what you will.

I come here committed once again, partly due to vanity, but mostly due to health…not delusional enough to state that I won’t have treats for the month. I will. Yet, I’ll do it within the primal/paleo framework that has served me so well over the past few years.

Sign up for my top 10 treats list if you want to know what we’ll be making…

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