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Paleo Tips – Don’t Run Out Of Food!

I’ve found the biggest issue with sticking to a Paleo Diet is when I run out of food. This is without a doubt the easiest diet in the world when you are stocked up.

The problems come when I haven’t planned ahead and open the fridge to see no eggs, no bacon, no chorizo, no meat, no berries.

You know what it’s like… You make a list you stick it in your purse, you go to work, you go fill up the car, you pick the kids up, you drop the dog at the vets, you get a call to pick some kid up from soccer practice, you pick up the laundry, you get home fall onto the sofa and then remember the list!

It’s at that exact point that I start to reach for the, peanut sandwiches,  toast or breakfast cereal.


All the junk food that are here for when family or friends stay over start calling to me.

I’ve recently started to keep an emergency stash of frozen food in the freezer that I can use at times like this. I usually make up meals a day or two in advance if I can manage to get organised then it’s a just a matter of making an extra portion and putting in my stash tray for one of those regular emergencies..

Don’t run out of food!

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