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Paleo Pound Cake – All American Berry Shortcake

blackberries This morning I found these beautiful blackberries at the store which got me thinking I needed a recipe to showcase them, to really set them off, to allow me and anyone else eating with me to enjoy them to their fullest. By the handful is always my first choice but y’all wouldn’t be visiting my blog that often if those were the only suggestions I made.

So after a bit of thinking and another stop at a local farm market(here in Berry Bitty City) I found a quart of strawberries and knew that a berry shortcake would be in order. A red(the strawberries) white(the cake) and blue(the blackberries- let’s be creative ok….) berry shortcake no less. I whipped up the following paleo pound cake, recipe tweaked from here. I skipped the coconut extract, cut back on the honey and added a bit more vanilla. The end result was quite tasty and the perfect bed for beautiful fresh berries and a little puree for sauce.

paleo pound cake

Paleo Pound Cake- All American Berry Shortcake

  • Preheat oven to 350
  • Grease a loaf dish or pan very thoroughly. Lightly flour with coconut flour as well.
  • Beat eggs until smooth
  • Add remaining liquid ingredients and mix
  • Add dry ingredients and mix until smooth. Some people have problems with coconut flour clumping and claim they must sift it. I personally have not yet found this to be an issue and usually opt not to do this step and the kids zoom around me requesting everything under the sun.
  • Bake. The original recipe called for 45 minutes. I found mine actually took almost a full hour to cook through the middle. Just start checking around 45 minutes every few minutes. Insert a toothpick and when it comes out done, you’re golden…

For the berry component I kept it very simple:

  • Slice up strawberries into whatever size you like.
  • Puree some of them for a sauce
  • Wash the blackberries(duh)
  • Assemble your shortcakes in whatever way suits your palette. The cake is quite dense so I chose thin slices.
  • If you “do dairy” a little homemade whipped cream on this would be awesome.

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