Paleo Pasta’s You Should Be Indulging In

When you start out on a Paleo regime finding a replacement for pasta can be one of the trickiest transitions as pasta in all its various forms is such a staple food for so many of us.

However, fortunately, there are many Paleo pasta options available which are far more nutritious as they are made from vegetables.

Paleo pasta is not traditional pasta as they do not make it from wheat, rice or any grain, but it is tasty and healthy and being low in calories and carbs.

Zucchini Noodles - Paleo Food Substitute

So you can eat more pasta than before, even if you are trying to lose weight.

Paleo pasta recipes are just as quick and easy to make as regular pasta, while still fitting in your Paleo diet. Below are nine examples of Paleo pasta, which you can try at home.

Why not try some Paleo desserts to follow up with?

So What Paleo Pasta Options Are There?

Squash Spaghetti Strands

As you would imagine, this type of Paleo pasta is made from squash.

When you cook a squash, it naturally forms spaghetti-like strands which you can separate with a fork and then serve with many sauces to taste.

Courgette Noodles

Use a Spiralizer or potato peeler to create pasta-like strands from a courgette which you can either eat raw or part-boil to create a pasta-like consistency.

This is a popular Paleo-pasta alternative and can be served with any sauce.

Kelp Noodles

Rather than make these yourself kelp noodles can be purchased from most health food stores and are a crunchy noodle made from seaweed.

They are low calorie and delicious served with sesame oil to bring out the flavours.

Shirataki Pasta

Shirataki pasta is another one, which you can buy in a health food store. These Paleo noodles are created using the roots from a Konjac plant.

They are low calorie and help you feel full and are often sold in traditional pasta styles including Fettucine.

Aubergine Lasagne

If you want to create large pasta sheets for lasagne, then try using an aubergine to stick your Paleo regime. Slice the aubergine into thin sheets and part boil them.

They soak up the flavour of whatever sauce you use and don’t have a strong flavour on their own.

Sweet Potato Paleo Pasta

I can also use sweet potatoes and other root vegetables to create pasta using a Spiralizer.

But know that some root vegetables can be high in carbohydrates so choose carefully.

Sweet potato and carrot are the most popular to use.

Sweet Potato Paleo Pasta
Sweet Potato

Paleo Flour Pastas

There are many recipes available to make your own pasta from accepted Paleo flours.

These are more fiddly than just using vegetables, but will more closely resemble traditional pasta if you want to give them a go.

Cucumber Paleo Pasta

An alternative to courgettes, you can use a Spiralizer to create cucumber spiral pasta which is a nice salad addition in the summer.

It’s best to avoid the very watery centre of the cucumber to make the pasta with but these noodles are delicious.

Some people on a Paleo diet ask why they can’t just eat gluten-free pasta as part of a Paleo diet.

The answer is that most of this pasta is still not Paleo because they make it from rice flour.

It’s better to make or buy Paleo pasta as outlined in the eight options above.

You can buy the kelp or Shirataki noodles easily enough, and if you want something that’s quick and simple.

As for the cucumber and courgette options don’t even need cooking so they are even quicker than cooking traditional pasta dishes.

Plus, if you add in some Paleo pasta made from vegetables.

You are increasing your fibre and nutrients in your Paleo diet, while still enjoying the comfort of a nice sauce-filled pasta dish which we all love.

Paleo pasta enables you to feel you are not missing out and makes it easier to cook for a whole family if you are the only one following the Paleo regime, as you can replace their spaghetti with your Paleo version, and still take part in a delicious family meal.

I can serve all the different types of Paleo pasta with the traditional pasta sauces you are used to, including tomato.

Most of the vegetables don’t have a strong enough taste on their own so it will be just enjoy indulging in a regular pasta dish – just minus all the carbs, calories and gluten which comes with it.

Whether you are on a full Paleo regime, or just love pasta but want to lose weight.

Swapping out traditional noodles and spaghetti for some of these alternative recipes is a great way to support your diet and add in more vegetables to your daily intake.

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