Paleo Diet - How To Follow On A Budget

How To Follow The Paleo Diet On A Budget

Paleo diet on a budget – Is it possible for us to enjoy our food still? We all want to have a great diet but not all of us can afford one. The Paleo diet is considered as one of the most expensive diets, but what if there are ways to be on it even while on a tight budget? Is it possible to enjoy Paleo diet meals when you’ve got to follow this diet plan on a budget?

When it comes to dieting, there are two other things that come to mind besides health. How much time do I need to spend making meals, and how much will the food in the diet cost. Though there are cheaper alternatives, we still tend to ignore such because it takes ages to prepare these meals. Even if the diet is proven to be effective, the way it will affect the budget can scare a person away.

This is true even for the caveman diet. This is because it requires us to spend money on buying fresh, organic food. Certainly when putting together a shopping list it looks like you need a larger budget to spend on food is a given. But many Paleo enthusiasts have found ways of enjoying meals that are part of this diet on a budget. There are alternative ways of buying your food, planning and budgeting for meals that will allow a person with a tight budget to enjoy a Paleo diet and its many benefits. Investing some of your time in these tips can definitely help you have you own sustainable Paleo diet plan.

Paleo On A Budget – What You Can Do

Shop Once, Shop Big

Paleo Diet - Shop Once, Shop Big

People who have a tight budget often shop once and buy in bulk. This is possible even when you are following a diet such as this. Shopping for items on your Paleo food list in bulk not only saves money but also time. Most bulk items are sold cheaper than the single servings. Buying your lean meats in bulk can also save you a lot of money, just make sure you have enough space in your freezer. Or if you are a fan of smoked meat, you can cure and smoke some grass-fed meat for later consumption.

Dried herbs can be stored for a long period of time, so having space in the cupboard for these can help you a lot. Healthy fats and oils can also be bought in bulk, just make sure you read the labels first, particularly in relation to the foods expiration dates. Since the Paleolithic diet isn’t a fan of pasta and grains, you can take these off your list and add other Paleo approved foods instead.

Scout Your Local Produce

Scout Your Local Produce

When it comes to vegetables and fruits, and sometimes even meat and fish, going local can be your best option. Sunday markets are a great place to go as they offer fresh fruits, vegetables, poultry, meat, and fish. Organic or not, the local produce will definitely have something to offer that will fall under the Paleo diet food list. You can buy veggies and fruits weekly, with just the right amount you will need for the week. Buying just enough every week saves you money, gives you fresher veggies and fruit on your table and helps the locals at the same time.

To Go Organic… Or Not?

To Go Organic... Or Not?

Perhaps one of the reasons why some people stop in their tracks when you follow  this type of diet is going organic. Organic foods are known to be more expensive than regular food and finding them can be time-consuming and often tricky. But most people practicing this kind of diet who are on a tight budget do not go fully organic. What you can do is choose the food you buy wisely. Read labels and have time to check the manufacturers or producers of the food you are buying. If it’s meat, make sure you buy the leaner cuts. For vegetables and fruits, always wash thoroughly to remove any pesticide. Going organic is ideal but it is not your only option.

Grow Your Own!

Paleo Diet - Grow Your Own

This may be one of the best parts of practicing a Paleolithic diet – growing your own supply of food. When you know your budget can’t hold up to the diets food list, this alternative can prove to be useful. You don’t just save money when you grow your own veggies, or fruits, you also get to help Mother Nature and add beauty to your home. Picking your own produce is also satisfying, especially since you can grow it using organic methods. You can grow small veggies like tomatoes, peppers, and carrots. If you do have space available in your garden you can grow even fruits like lemons and avocado.

Cook What You Can Consume

Paleo Diet - Cook What You Can Consume

Though you buy in bulk, it does not mean you cook all your Paleo food in bulk. Unless it’s broth, you need to cook food according to what you and your family can eat. Cooking more than you can eat defeats the purpose of saving by buying in bulk. Wasting food is like wasting money, so make sure you plan out your meal with the whole family and talk about the meals you need to cook. This will give you an idea on how much you need to cook and what type of ingredients you’ll need to buy. You can also find tons of cheap Paleo recipes and ideas through books, eBooks and the web.

You Need Time, Not Just Money, To Budget

Paleo Diet - You Need Time, Not Just Money

When it comes to budgeting for the Paleo diet, you also need to add time. There are cheap Paleo meals that still require preparation, and this is a common reason why people give up on this diet. Paleo meal planning on a budget may need time especially when looking for alternatives. If you cannot adapt to the Paleo diet immediately, that’s fine, especially when you have kids, gradually removing food that isn’t Paleo approved then slowly adding those that are may take more time than you originally planned. Do not feel discouraged and stick to the plan accordingly especially when putting together your Paleo shopping list.

So, is it really possible to go on Paleo even on a tight budget? Yes, definitely! If you are truly determined to be healthier, budgeting is just a small sacrifice you need to make. With so many alternatives that you can choose from, having cheap Paleo meals is always possible. It’s simply up to your determination and patience to make sure that when you want to follow Paleo on a budget you can.

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