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Paleo Beef Tacos – The Whole Kit And Kaboodle

I grew up in south eastern Colorado in the town of Pueblo. Pueblo, like all of Colorado and most of the Western part of the united states has a large Mexican population. I love this about the place I grew up and miss so many parts of this heritage living in Connecticut. Every now and then I crave Mexican food in a way that can’t go ignored, it can’t be denied and now given the fact that I live on the East Coast and I follow a Paleo Diet, I usually have to get creative. It is easy enough to make some taco filling and eat it in lettuce wraps- we do this quite often. Tonight though, I wanted the whole kit and caboodle. I wanted a tortilla to round out the meal. So tonight I made Paleo Beef Tacos on Coconut Flour Tortillas with Paleo Salsa Verde. It was a lot of work, but worth every minute.

Here is the recipe for the beef filling. See my links for recipes for the tomatillo salsa verde and the coconut flour tortillas.

Paleo Beef Taco Filling

  • Chop the bacon and get it cooking in a large skillet.
  • Dice the onion and once the bacon fat starts rendering add this to the skillet as well.
  • As the onions soften add the ground beef stirring it all to combine evenly.
  • Cut up the mushrooms and add to the mix.
  • Add Cumin, Coriander, Salt and Pepper.


Paleo Beef Tacos

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