Neglect – Benevolent Or Other

20120828-134746.jpg We’re finally back home after being on the road for over 2 weeks. The leaves have started to change and fall in our town. The air has the hints of fall. School starts tomorrow for my kindergartner. I always love to travel back to Colorado but also always find it incredibly difficult to stay on track nutritionally when we are gone. My two greatest weaknesses, Mexican food and Beer are abundant and exceptionally good in my home state and sometimes it’s just to hard to say no.

All in all this trip wasn’t a total train wreck. I actually kept it mostly together until the trip was two weeks in and we decided to go for Mexican food. One night of Mexican food was followed by another then came a wedding weekend….. you get the picture. My overall diet was still pretty clean, I made the best choices I could given most of the situations(ok, maybe not the cheese enchiladas), and at the end of the day sometimes for me, the bad food is worth it. Long story short, I’ve been nursing a headache since Saturday night and just feel generally blah. I am going to start the 21 day Sugar detox tomorrow then follow it right up with the Lurong Living Challenge with my Crossfit box. After a little neglect on the nutrition front I am looking forward to going back at it with hyper focus.

In contrast to the bad neglect nutritionally above I am happy to report that a little benevolent neglect towards my garden has brought good results. I came home yesterday ready to rip out to little 4′ X 4′ boxes on the side of my house and plant some fall crops. This little area was a little to shaded to bring many results this summer and I was ready to cut my losses. The plants have been big and looked good the entire season. It’s just they weren’t producing anything.


Much to my surprise when I walked over to start the demolition there were three cucumbers hanging heavy upon a vine, my okra was finally putting out, tomatoes in both boxes had overtaken their supports and I had a red bell pepper! It turns out I just needed to give the space a bit more time. Before leaving I made certain the boxes would continue to receive regular watering and evidently that’s all that they needed. The area is still not going to be prolific, I won’t plant in the same place with the same vegetables next year, but I’m so excited to see anything come to fruition here. I recently read an article in a gardening magazine that concluded with the author stating that his garden fluorishes with lots of good planning and a little benevolent neglect. Evidently mine kind of does too.

Somehow this same benevolent neglect helped boost my facebook fans to over the 100 mark. Humble beginnings and I’m thrilled by it. Thanks to everyone who has “liked” me, and if you haven’t, get on over and hit the button…

Off to the store today to load up on groceries and a week of recipes coming your way.


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