Paleo Recipe - My 11 Egg Frittata

My 11 Egg Frittata- YES, ELEVEN!

Ever had a time when you are in the middle of a fight with your kids in the grocery store and you have a single broken egg out of a dozen you bought? It can certainly make you feel irritated when you see it by the time you get to the checkout lane and make your day a little more frustrating. But eleven eggs is not as bad as you may think, especially when you have an egg dish that can work with just eleven eggs or a dozen.

Whether you are a mother or not, you want to have dishes that can satisfy your hunger as much as they will satisfy the hunger of the people you are cooking for. You will need to cook despite your hectic schedule because let’s face it, it is a healthier and more economical choice. After a few days of a busy working schedule, I found myself going to the grocery store to grab something to cook, dragging along my kids who had just got out from school. It wasn’t the brightest idea that I had.

Paleo Food - Eggs

My kids were, just like me, tired and grumpy and didn’t want anything to do with the grocery shop. If you’ve been in the same situation, then you can just imagine how I grabbed what I could along with a dozen eggs. The problem was that I didn’t know that one of the eggs was broken as I wrestled with my kids in order to get to the counter and get home. Even though the cashier was more than happy to get the eggs changed (in fact she was quite insistent about it), I decided not to (besides I considered it my fault for getting a cracked egg in the first place). So as we made our way home I was pondering how we could still enjoy the eggs that I’d just brought.

I was thinking of making frittatas and I know having one less egg will not make much of a difference, and I turned out to be right! I made this Paleo Egg Frittata even with just eleven eggs, and it made for a better evening for me and my family.

11 Egg Frittata
Recipe type: Eggs
Cuisine: Spanish
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
A delicious and protein packed tasty dish that only takes a few minutes to prepare and cook, and which the family will love.
  • 11 Medium Sized Eggs (12 if you were lucky not to break one. Free range if possible)
  • 200 g (0.44 lb) Sausage Meat
  • 1 Pepper - Chopped
  • 1 Onion - Chopped
  • 1 Cup (237 g) Zucchini - Grated
  1. • Since we’re going to use the oven, you need to preheat it to 350°F (177°). You will also need an oven-safe skillet for this recipe.
  2. • Place the oven-safe skillet over a medium to high heat and add the sausage. Make sure you remove the sausage casing if it has any.
  3. • Let the sausage cook until it releases fats then add in the onions and sauté. Make sure the sausage is almost cooked before you add the next ingredients.
  4. • Add in the pepper and zucchini. Stir the ingredients well and spread the mixture out evenly across the skillet.
  5. • In a bowl, whisk the eggs together. When the eggs are whisked well, pour the mixture into the skillet over the rest of the ingredients evenly.
  6. • Let the eggs cook for a while until the underside of the eggs look as if they are done.
  7. • Remove the skillet from heat and pop it into the oven.
  8. • Cook the frittata until the eggs and the sausage mix is cooked. This will only take a few minutes.
  9. • Serve the frittata while it’s hot and enjoy with your favorite drink!
This egg frittata can easily become an all-time favorite in your home. And why not? Though eggs are often doubted and are sometimes considered unhealthy by some diet plans, there are still more benefits than dangers to be had from eating them. The rule of eating in moderation applies to eggs as well as the safe handling and selection of them. If you are eating too many eggs or do not cook them correctly, then you will definitely have an issue with this particular food. There are also some people who are naturally allergic to eggs. If you are doing things properly and you aren’t allergic to them then here are just some of the benefits you can enjoy when you eat eggs.

Protein Packed

Have you noticed a lot of body builder’s include eggs in their diet., this is because eggs are a good source of protein, this is essential in helping to produce healthier leaner muscle, and this is why eggs are not excluded from a body builders meal.

Paleo Diet - Protein Packed

Protein is also needed for the production of amino acids. Amino acids support the way in which our brain functions as well as ensuring that healthy body tissue is maintained. Protein is also important for people who want to lose weight. Most of the protein in eggs can be found in the white part of it.

Compound Vitamins And Minerals

Eggs are great sources of various vitamins and minerals which are essential for maintaining the body and helping it to have a stronger immune system. Vitamin A and B-complex are the most prominent vitamins found in eggs. These vitamins are also the source and/or the result of the antioxidants also found in eggs, but we’ll talk about that later. Though our bodies need a wide variety of vitamins, we also need minerals. These minerals along with other nutrients found in eggs also help to maintain and repair cells and tissues in the body, whilst some enable the body to produce enzymes that are essential to most systems of the body.

Paleo Diet - Eggs - Rich In Antioxidants


Just because it’s an egg doesn’t mean it can’t possibly have antioxidants. When it comes to eggs, it isn’t just about the protein, they also have a lot more to offer such as antioxidants. These antioxidants are either as a result or a source of some of the vitamins found in eggs. One antioxidant found in eggs that you may know of is lutein. Lutein helps to keep a person’s sight at its best. The antioxidants found in eggs are so powerful that studies suggest eating eggs regularly prevent some forms of cancer including breast cancer.


Can Help With Weight Loss

Because eggs have a high protein content, it means you will fill fuller quicker even after eating just a few spoonfuls of them. When you eat them you will find that they provide enough energy to keep you going till your next meal. The essential amino acids in eggs trigger the body to use more of its stored fat. Instead of storing fat. Eggs help the body to form leaner muscles.  As more fat gets eliminated from your body, you will begin to notice a change in your weight and your body mass. However, weight loss cannot be achieved just through eating eggs, you also need to be eating plenty of other Paleo approved foods and enjoy a more active lifestyle.

Paleo Food - Eggs - Can Help With Weight Loss

Cholesterol And Calories

Eggs have often been much misunderstood when it comes to cholesterol and calories. There are plenty of people who don’t want to have anything to do with eggs as there are some diets that have labeled them as unhealthy as a result of the calories and cholesterol that they contain. However, as more and more experts study eggs they have begun to find that not only do eggs contain plenty of the good cholesterol our bodies need but are also low in calories. In fact, eggs have the ability to increase the levels of good cholesterol in the body, whilst reduce the levels of the bad ones. They have also discovered that eggs contain very few calories, and this is vital to those who are looking to lose weight.

So you can see it is perfectly okay to enjoy eggs, and the Paleo recipe provided above is one that offers you a meal packed full of energy. Whether you have a dozen eggs or you are one short this Frittata recipe can really make a day feel so much better. Plus of course, eggs appear on Paleo food lists and from which you can gain a wide variety of benefits.

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