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Making Space In the Kitchen And In Your Life

One question I often get asked is “how do I make time for myself on a daily basis, with a family needing my attention regularly?” Time to sit and ponder, connect, just be….

Time away from work and worries, responsibilities and all that jazz. Some people look for big life changes which can be great. At my roots, I am fairly happy, content, joyful. That being said with a busy job and a husband who sometimes works 16 hours a day I do feel as if there are never enough hours in the day. Here are a few things I do and am planning on doing to free up a bit more space for myself.

Paleo Diet - Bulk Cooking

On Sundays, I cook. I used to cook one or two meals, then it expanded to a bit more. Now if I am home and have the supplies on hand I will cook for a full week. That many of my meals don’t always work out but at the very least I cook a couple of meals to get us started and then have a plan for the rest of the week. Today I cooked and put away for the week:

  • Paleo Pulled Pork that I put in the crock pot last night
  • Beef Barbacoa that slow cooked all day
  • Teriyaki Chicken Drumsticks
  • Spanish Cauliflower Rice
  • Bacon (It has been curing for the week, baking right now, can’t wait to fry some up in the morning!!!)

I will probably cook again on Wednesday for the rest of the week. Sometimes if I find myself stuck on a project and needing to step away from my desk I’ll also run into the kitchen and throw something together. This serves so many purposes- it gets me up and moving away from my desk and it puts another meal in the fridge… Later this week I intend to make some scotch eggs, some pork meatballs, cocoa roasted cauliflower(Well Fed recipe- yum), a “meatza” pie, and spaghetti sauce with zucchini noodles.

Paleo Food

The other thing I try to do each weekend or Sunday in an effort to simplify things and create a few more minutes of space in the rest of my days for the week- I clean the fridge. I pitch anything that is no longer edible. If it is fruit that is past it’s prime but still good for smoothies I chop it up and freeze it. If it’s veggies I might make a soup. Getting all of the extra “stuff” out of the fridge before loading the new groceries in really keeps me on track with shopping and helps me from wasting food. It also saves me time in having to run to the store several times a week- yep- making space…. less driving time. I also feel less guilty because I’m not wasting food– yep- making space- more time for other thoughts than “Man, I’m such a schmo for buying so much produce and not using it…”

Paleo Lifestyle - Get Cleaning

Today, In further attempts at making space, minimizing tantrums and simplifying my life I also cleaned the pantry. Because we don’t really eat many processed items our pantry should be fairly sparse, Somehow this is never the case… We don’t keep many “treats” on hand but our 1 year old loves to go to the pantry and help himself to the few things we do have. He would eat pouches of applesauce or other fruit purees all day long- these are now out of reach. Actually so is the dried fruit, the rice crackers(yep the kiddos eat rice), nuts and anything else of interest. We also have quite a few canned tomatoes(I’m not yet in the business of stewing these), some olives, canned fishes like tuna and sardines and random sauces like mustard, etc. The lower shelves are now stocked with dry goods of the most unappealing sort…

Paleo Food - Herbs & Spices

This week I will also work on the spice cabinets. I seem to need to do this every couple of months and it’s great for a while then I make some huge recipe that calls for a million different spices and nothing makes it back to its home again. I then waste time cooking as I look for ingredients and sometimes finding I no longer have them. Wasted time, unnecessary frustration. Less space. Time to clean it up- create more space.

So what to do with all of this space? Time will tell, possibilities are infinite. But for now, I’m planning on using some of it to catch up on posting recipes…

Are you mindful of creating and holding space for yourself? How do you do it?




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