Losing Track

Where does the time go? I just noticed the last time I posted was December 12, and it wasn’t even my recipe. It was a review. I’ve been cooking, I just haven’t been posting. I lost track.

I can’t find my cross fit book but if I could it would report that it has easily been a solid 4 weeks since any activity in the box and at least twice that since there has been any consistency. I know it has been too long, but exactly how long I do not know. I lost track.

I just finished drinking a diet coke which has somehow made its way back in to my diet on occasion over the past couple of months. My laptop is resting in front of a slightly fleshier belly than I am used to and my skin is broken out. I went to put on an outfit Christmas Eve and took it immediately off. My body was different. I lost track.

One indiscretion has led to another and here I am…. They haven’t been huge, but they have been often. Staying up too late and then not making it to my 6am class. An extra glass of wine or a gin negroni. Dark chocolate- I’m not a little nibble kind of gal… Little actions done with consistency lead to big changes…

I just read a post on Facebook from my friend Persephone Brown, “the plan is to no longer feel like a chocolate covered ham”. My immediate response was to feel like eating one or to feel like you are one because I easily fall under either category…

And so here we are. Heading in to the New Year. Making resolutions. It seems so cliche for me, and yet, I am doing the same. Only I’m not waiting until next week. I’m starting right now.

I resolve….

  • To get back to strength training and metcons.
  • To run once a week to the river and back for my sheer love of feeling the pounding of the earth and the sites I see.
  • To save the alcoholic drinks for special occasions.
  • To kick the diet coke(sporadic as they may be) to the curb.
  • To plan my meals and cook in advance.

I resolve to do the above. How about you?

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