Paleo Recipe - Lime Cilantro Pork Tacos

Lime Cilantro Pork Tacos

Looking for something that is quick and easy to prepare and cook, then why not give this recipe a try.

Lime Cilantro Pork Tacos


2 Teaspoons Coconut Oil
1lb Pork Tenderloin – Trimmed and Cut Into 1/4-1/2″ Strips
1/4 Teaspoon Sea Salt
1/8 Teaspoon Freshly Ground Black Pepper
1 Red Onion – Diced
1 Small Jalapeno Pepper – Minced
1/2 Cup Chicken Broth
2 Medium Sized Tomatoes – Diced
3 Tablespoons Lime Juice
3 Tablespoons Cilantro – Chopped
8 Butter Lettuce Leaves
2 Avocados – Sliced


1. Wash and chop onion, jalapeno, cilantro and tomatoes and set to one side.
2. Take strips of pork loin and season them on both sides with sea salt and freshly ground black pepper.
3. Take a large non-stick skillet or frying pan and place over a medium heat on the stove and when the skillet or frying pan is hot enough add the coconut oil.
4. Place the pork in the skillet or frying pan and saute until lightly browned (about 4 minutes).
5. Remove the pork and place into a bowl.
6. Now into the skillet or frying pan place the onion and jalapeno and cook them until tender.
7. To these you then add the chicken broth and tomatoes and turn the heat down to low.
8. Allow the mixture in the skillet or frying pan to then simmer for 2 minutes making sure that you scrape the sides and bottom of the pan to loose up any brown bits.
9. Add the pork with the juices that have run out of it to the mixture in the skillet or frying pan and then stir in the lime juice.
10. Allow the meat to simmer in the sauce until it is cooked through.
11. As soon as the pork is cooked top it with fresh cilantro and sliced avocado before wrapping the lettuce leaves and serving.


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