Landing, Lunch And Liftoff

I am in San Diego this weekend for an Internet Marketing conference. I am so excited to be here because the group presenting it is always amazing. At the same time I can’t believe that the Ancestral Health Symposium is happening just an hour from my house back on the east coast… Oh well, I’m still soaking in everything I learned at PaleoFX so I’ll just have to look for the highlights posted by everyone.
As I flew from Connecticut to California I had a stop over in Denver. Just over an hour and I didn’t have kiddos with me so it actually allowed just enough time for lunch. I didn’t prep enough in advance to pack so I headed up to the food court to do my best in finding something to fit the Paleo bill. I find that almost always you can find something that will kind of work. I used to use these situations as excuses to go whole hog and jump off the wagon with wild abandonment only to feel like crap 30 minutes later. I’ve learned my lessons and now try to stay the course.

I ended up at La Casita which is usually a good choice. It was today as well. I had the Taco Salad- no bowl. I chose carnitas (pork), had them sub some sauteed veggies(squash) for the rice and beans and topped it with a bunch of pico de gallo, hot salsa and guacamole. Somehow by the time I got it and sat down they had also snuck some corn strips in before they tossed it all together but it wasn’t the end of the world. It was tasty and though by the time I walked back to the gate my belly was rumbling a bit with discontent(must have been something in something) but it quickly passed.

Now I’m here in San Diego for this meeting for the next few days. It will take some good planning and discipline to keep it together during all of the breakfast buffets, catered lunches and evening receptions but I’m finally ready!!!!

Do you stay on “Paleo” track while traveling? How do you do it?

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