Paleo Recipes - Lamb Stuffed With Delicata Squash

Lamb Stuffed Delicata-liciousness

20121002-124855.jpg I have a new favorite squash. Somehow until today, I have never had delicata squash. I’ve tried many things and will eat just about anything (no peas- even pre-paleo- I think it dates back to childhood trauma, doesn’t everything, though:)….) but somehow have never, ever had one of these beauties.

This recipe was so easy, ultra delicious and felt perfect for a fall day. The robust spices and diced eggplant coupled with the ground lamb really made me feel like I was eating something special.

One note…. I did not cover these with foil before roasting, and I should have. Don’t let the crusty pictures scare you, this dish was delicious even with slightly crispy tops….

  • Preheat the oven to 350 degrees
  • Add your bacon fat or any cooking grease to a skillet.
  • Dice the onion
  • Once the fat liquefies begin browning your onion and spices.
  • As the onions begin to soften break your lamb into pieces in the skillet
  • Brown your meat
  • Dice your eggplant and add to mixture
  • Cut your squash in half lengthwise and fill with meat mixture
  • Place on a baking sheet and cover with foil (unless you don’t mind crunchy tops…)
  • Bake for 40 minutes
  • Savor…..



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