Keeping It Simple And Day 3 Detox: Basil Balsamic Vinagerette

20120831-221859.jpg Some weeks I have all the energy, creativity and desire in the world to cook. To play with new flavors and try new things. To drive to whatever market or farm my needs take me regardless of how far. Other weeks I am so mired down by the general details of life I find it easier to just keep it simple. This has been one of those weeks. Not that it has been a bad week, It has just been one so full of new change, transition, recommittment, etc the last thing I have felt inspired to do is waste brain power on flavor combinations- and for that I apologize.

I do however hope that my posts this week serve as a good reminder that eating Paleo doesn’t need to be complicated. Eggs for breakfast, Protein and veggies for lunch and dinner. Don’t forget your healthy fats mixed in and plenty of water, maybe a tea or coffee and you’re all set. So far this week we have had kabobs at my brother and sister-in laws house on Monday, Sushi on Tuesday(pre sugar detox, got a little rice in:)….), Meatballs on Wednesday, Roasted Chicken on Thursday and tonight some grass fed burger patties. Nothing that any of you folks reading this right now couldn’t do yourself. For breakfast- eggs and coffee. I love eggs in the morning and don’t mind eating them most days. My go to snacks have been carrot sticks, almond butter and coconut flakes. Today I made some hard boiled eggs as well. Simple easy stuff.

I’ll be honest, I wanted to jazz up these beef burgers tonight. Add some exciting spices or toppings or presentation but at the end of the day I realized a few things. I had a bunch of great fresh veggies from my garden that needed to be used- salad. I had some beautiful grass fed beef burger patties that taste just wonderful without any doctoring of any kind- I didn’t even salt and pepper them. Finally, I realized I missed my kids now that they’re in school and daycare most of the day and I didn’t want to spend a lot of time cooking something when I could be outside playing with them. So, I cooked outside as I played with them, I used the veggies that we had for a salad, and I didn’t doctor the beef.  We had a simple, fresh, delicious dinner, and everyone loved it!


Day 3 of the 21 Day Sugar Detox, I am still going strong with no wine!!! It was also smores night out back in our fire pit to celebrate the Blue Moon and I abstained, I didn’t even want one, I just wanted to watch the kiddos enjoy theirs which is exactly what I did. So what did I eat?

  • Breakfast: Scrambled eggs and half an avocado and half of a tomato from the garden. Coffee and coconut milk.
  • Snack:Spoonful of almond butter and 1/2 of a green tipped banana(yuck)
  • Lunch: Swordfish with roasted vegetables and an iced tea(I had a lovely lunch out with a bunch of other moms in the area commemorating back to school)
  • Snack: Hard boiled egg, coconut flakes
  • Dinner: 1.5 burger patties, huge salad serving, homemade Basil Balsamic Vinegarette and an iced tea

That reminds me…. In the midst of the simplicity of it all I made an easy homemade salad dressing with fresh herbs from our garden. Just add all of the ingredients together and whisk or shake to combine…

What’s your favorite simple meal?

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