Paleo Roast - Chuck Roast In Frontera Adobo

Keepin it Easy, Slow Cooked Chuck Roast in Frontera Adobo

First night, ski vacation! As you know from my last post Have Food, Will Travel we are in Vermont and have lots of groceries. When I made our menu with Mike our main criteria was the meal could be crock pot-able… Yesterday we had two crock pots going. One with chicken soup I made the day before and one with a chuck roast cooking in Frontera’s adobo sauce. This Frontera sauce is amazing. Maybe the others are too, and this one is delicious enough that I’m inspired to try them. I bought one of these pouches on a whim about 2 weeks ago and cooked, you guessed it, a chuck roast. It was do EASY and delicious, I decided I would do it again!   Chuck Roast Adobo

  • plug in crock
  • place chuck roasts and onion in crock pot
  • pour sauce pouch over beef close lid and turn on
  • close lid and let simmer for the day
  • carve roast against the grain or shred with fork

The sauce is pre made, served in a pouch, and really very reasonably priced. Add to that the fact it’s made of all natural, fresh ingredients and I couldn’t not try it. So happy I did!!! Simple and Delicious!!! Serve it with Spanish cauliflower (riced I you want it) or quesadillas on corn tortillas(not grain free but no gluten…). Today I have some Swedish meatballs and a huge pork shoulder simmering away. More on that in the days to come…

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