I Love Our New Beef

Heart Shaped Beef Burgers I have an incredibly picky 4(almost 5) year old eater. She didn’t start off this way. We did all the right things. We fed her “real” food from our plates from the start. As a baby she loved nothing more than holding a whole carrot or sweet potato and slowly gnawing away at it. I could chop anything in to teeny tiny pieces and she would gladly accept it. We kept pasta to a minimum and she always refused rice. Juice was never introduced and treats were mainly fruits. As an early talker she used to actually remind me as I cooked her breakfast, “Mommy, don’t forget to put sonic in my eggs.” Her favorite kids meal was pulled pork or bbq ribs at a local bbq joint and I could actually take the free cookie packet that came in the basket and toss it without any question.

And then came daycare….. And this all became a thing of the past. Chicken nuggets and mac and cheese were introduced. Cereal, french toast sticks and frozen waffles. Canned pears and mandarin oranges. And juice, g-d, frickin juice….. Slowly her willingness to eat the food we always had began to disappear and requests for this, what I call “crap food”, began to increase. And it’s a struggle because as a parent you need to choose your battles. You need to encourage a good and healthy relationship with food and not constantly be saying that things are “bad”. You don’t want to make your child feel like an outcast by demanding they eat a special meal if it’s not medically necessary. You have great intentions and then society enters and they can quickly become undone. Knowing what I know now and being committed to the paleo way of nutrition as I am now I probably would have been a bit more insistent that M not eat the things she did, I might have insisted upon special meals or packing her own lunch, but I didn’t and now I need to deal with it.

One way of “dealing” with her refusal to eat most things healthy is to focus on the few things she will eat. Fruits are mostly ok, her favorite all time food by some stroke of luck is raw salmon, and she has been fairly receptive to gluten free replacements for most of her requests. They aren’t always or even often paleo but they’re a step in the right direction. She loves whole milk yogurt, and for some crazy reason she will also at least try most anything shaped in a heart.

beef slider and cauliflower fried rice

And so today when it came time for lunch I racked my brain for ideas. I knew I wanted to use some of our new grass fed burger and began to plot on a way to have her agree. She used to eat meatballs, now she won’t. She used to love chili, now she doesn’t. She used to like meatloaf….. ok, ok, you get the picture. So when it came time to make lunch I simply said, “How about heart burgers?” and somehow the stars were aligned and she simply said “yeah, those sound good”. And so I went about sculpting 2 lbs of beef in to mini heart shaped sliders. I cooked them in a skillet and they were amazing. She ate two, my little bubba ate almost 1/3 lb of burger and I lost count what I ate.

Simple, delicious, local grass fed ground beef cooked in a skillet and gobbled up without resistance. Oh sweet, sweet day! I LOVE our new beef Savage Hill Cattle Company- may this be the first easy lunch of many to come.

What do your kids eat? How do you handle the “food in the rest of the world” challenge?


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