How To Enjoy Paleo On A Budget

How To Enjoy Paleo On A Budget

Quite a lot of people are put off following a Paleo diet simply because they think that everything is going to be expensive. Yet with the right kind of planning and making the right decisions you can enjoy following paleo on a budget without the worry of breaking the bank.

Below I offer up some tips you may find useful which will ensure you can follow a Paleo lifestyle even on a budget.

Tip 1 – Do Your Research

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As you will already have found out the cost of grass-fed meat and free-range poultry is much higher than the mass-produced kind. So it is important before you start shopping for Paleo foods that you do some research into comparing prices first.

The great thing is that comparing these prices is a lot easier since the invention of the Internet. Today most of the speciality food companies have websites where you can easily see what they have to offer.

Tip 2 – Go Direct To The Source

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As well as looking online don’t be afraid to ask around. You’ll be surprised to find that there are quite a few people who will tell you where the freshest and highest quality foods can be found.

Instead of spending your hours trawling around your local supermarket for what you need, spread your net a little further and visit some local markets. If you live somewhere that has a regular farmers market then don’t be afraid to spend time here. The great thing about places like these is that they will tell you exactly where the meat is from and how it has been reared. The same also goes for the vegetables.

Tip 3 – Make A List And Set Yourself A Budget Before You Go Shopping

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“Failing to plan is planning to fail”. A list along with a budget will not only save you time but will also help to prevent you from making any kind of impulse buys. I use to be one that would turn up to do the shopping and buy stuff that I didn’t need as well as forget the things I did.

Nowadays not only do I have my list to hand on my iPhone as there is a really great app I use called Springpad, as I go round the shops I actually mark down what everything has cost and add these up as I do my shopping.

When it comes to creating your list start off with the basics first such as meat, vegetables. Then next to each of these write down how much you want to spend on each of them. After these items, you should include any perishables such as eggs, milk etc. It is important that you work out exactly how much of these you are going to need for a week. By only buying what you need will ensure that nothing gets spoiled and therefore nothing is wasted.

Tip 4 – Create A Menu

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By creating a menu first you can then decide exactly what items of food will be needed in order to ensure that you are eating what is relevant to the Paleo diet. By knowing exactly what you are going to be eating throughout the week won’t only help you to keep to your budget, but will also help you to keep your calorie intake under control.

Tip 5 – Buy In Bulk

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Whenever possible if the product you have chosen keeps for a long time then buy the largest packet of it available. These are always cheaper as the manufacturer is able to save on labour and packaging costs that hopefully then get passed onto you.

Once you get home then divide it up into much smaller packages, which you can then use when needed. Plus this will help to ensure that you won’t become sick of the sight of it because all you see is a big packet in your cupboard and you will end up not using it all.

With the right kind of planning, you will find that keeping within a budget when following a Paleo diet is a lot easier than you first thought. Not only will your body thank you so will your bank account.


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