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Hill Sprint Hell And A Watermelon Protein Recovery Drink

20120709-230511.jpgOh man, I am so behind on posting recipes… I was starting to post Sunday funday, Hill Sprint Hell but Sunday was actually our LONG ride, our last LONG ride before Lake Placid Ironman in less than 2 weeks. So, the hill sprint repeats happened on Saturday. I’m sure you were really concerned.

What does our hill sprint workout consist of: Run balls out from the corner outside of our house straight up a killer hill for 30 seconds (usually just long enough to get to the driveway of an elderly gal who thinks we’re crazy because we always run to her house then turn around and trot away with out ever staying to talk… Ahhh, the cost of speed.) at which time we turn around and return to start where we recover until the next 2:30 segment begins. We do this 10 times then collapse. Saturday instead of collapsing I was hot and sweaty and wanted something cold and refreshing ASAP. Here is what I made:

Watermelon Protein Recovery Drink:

  • Plop your watermelon, protein and coconut in the blender.
  • Add ice if you want it thick (I didn’t, I wanted it fast…)
  • Blend
  • Enjoy

I know, I know, Plopping doesn’t sound like the nicest word when it comes to cooking but after this hill sprint workout you won’t be taking much care with anything. You will just want to mix the smoothie up so you can drink it!

Oh, and that neighbor… She’s actually a sweet old gal from New Zealand. She spoke with me the first time I went up after our runs to chat. Since then I think she gets that we’re slightly nuts and just ignores us as we pass by…



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