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“Now, now…. simmer down. Yes those are breaded buffalo chicken in the header picture. They are gluten free- and that’s what this post is about. Gluten Free in Glastonbury. We eat Paleo 90-95% of the time. Every now and then we have some rice and even more rarely will indulge in a gluten free treat. Even less often than that I’ll go whole hog, fall off the wagon and eat something that makes me sick for a day or two, but today’s lunch was mostly paleo, with the gf chicken…”

Today we’re busy getting everything in line and in order before our Lake Placid departure in a few days. The morning was spent on data feeds(how I hate thee…) while eating left over paleo chicken salad at the computer.

Steve and I also had a lot of planning to do to complete everything that needs to be completed before we leave so we decided to go to Plan B in Glastonbury with pen and paper in hand and make some action item lists(and a list for groceries so we don’t need to eat out again later or tomorrow…)

I love Plan B as I have posted before. The three issues with Plan B can be parking, prices and waits… Well, we got there at 11:30 in July on a Saturday. Everyone seems to be gone this weekend, and the restaurant had just opened. No issues with parking or waits. Prices never change but for a “special treat” not to mention a “business lunch” this was fine today.

Here is what we had:

A West Coast Burger “in the grass”, some pink- translation, amazing burger patty with a fried egg and homemade kalamata aioli over a round of iceberg lettuce cooked medium to medium well. Not sure how they season their burgers but they are always amazing!

Sweet potato fries… they do not list these as a gf option on the menu as they have been dusted in something before frying- it was a splurge…

GF Buffalo Chicken Tenders, Insane. These were really for Steve. I love these, they are crusted in a rice flour combination but I think they must not have a dedicated fryer or something else in the batter irritates me as I always have a reaction when eating them. That being said, I did eat a small one and it was delicious.

A Chopped Salad- No pic, but the veggies are always fresh and it’s a solid classic rendition of a chopped salad.

As far as paleo dining options in the area are concerned, Plan B really is one of the best…

gluten free Plan B

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