Fitting It All In: WOD And A Protein Shake

Monday, Monday, another busy start to another busy week. We are headed in to NYC for work this week then Pennsylvania for fun this weekend. We were up late last night finalizing watering plans for the gardens, cleaning the house, gathering some food, packing bags and squeezing in some work time online; all this after the kids were tucked in.

We were set for a 7:30am departure this morning to get in to the office in time for patients. In bed at 11:30 pm, depart for the week at 7:30 am. It was a tight little window for sleep, getting up and ready, getting the kids up and ready, and actually making it out the door on time. However given that we only have 4 weeks left before Ironman I couldn’t give up the idea of going to CrossFit at 6am.

I popped up at 5:20am, threw on my gym clothes(including my IM in training t-shirt to remind me why I was fitting it in), grabbed coconut water and protein powder for a post wod snack and ran out the door.

The wod was great, one of my favorite coaches was there and he gave me a prefect sequence for my first day back. It was just good to be back in the box after 2 weeks of post accident downtime.

Wod and a protein shake:

    • 250 m row
    • 10 push ups
    • 10 ring rows
    • 10 air squats
    • 15 min AMRAP
    • Finish the rounds and mix your coconut water and protein powder.
    • Chug.

I ran home, took a 2 minute shower, and had 20 or so minutes left to help the kids finish getting ready, load the car and hit the road. It was a little crazy going to the box this morning but sometimes you just need to do crazy things if you want to fit it all in.

Right now I’m typing this on my iPhone as Steve drives is through torrential thunderstorms and the kids relax in the backseat- again- fitting it in.

How do you fit what you need to do in your daily life? Do you fit anything you want to do as well?

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