Paleo Diet - Embrace The Leftovers

Embrace The Leftovers – Paleo Diet

Paleo Keema Matar Today, I am encouraging you all, Lurong Challengers or not, to learn to embrace Leftovers. This by far the one thing that can help you in staying on track with the nutrition you are seeking. Cook food a couple of times a week, cook lots of it, and embrace all the leftovers you create. (For the record I am typing this as I reheat some stew from last night on the stovetop…)

Benefits of Leftovers:

  • Cook once eat multiple times
  • Saves cooking time
  • Saves kitchen mess
  • Actually flavor improves in a lot of saucy, spicy dishes after having a day or three to mingle

And if the thought of eating the same dish more than once in a given week just doesn’t appeal to you…. make one big “something”, be it roast, chicken, tray of roasted vegetables, etc, and repurpose it. Then, when you’re busy and don’t have time to put something together from the ground up you’ve got something quick and easy, yet still original to fall back on.

So…… looking for something great to make that leaves you with leftovers? Check out these paleo recipes that just get better sitting in the fridge for a day or two or three…

If you’re looking for some guidelines on how long items last as leftovers in the fridge, this might be a good spot to start.

Following these guidelines cooking twice a week will keep you well stocked and ready to go Sunday-Saturday. Getting in to the habit of cooking lots and reheating it takes some getting used to. However, for me, the ease, saved time, and reduced kitchen clean up makes it totally worthwhile.


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