Eating Out: Plan B – Glastonbury, Connecticut

If one can overlook the parking issues, the high prices and the long waits Plan B in Glastonbury is a great restaurant.  We try to time it right and go early so we don’t have to deal with the bad parking or long waits. The prices never change but this obviously isn’t as big an issue to us as it probably should be because we’re regulars…
The food is always pretty exceptional, they have amazing beef, a number of paleo friendly options and gluten free beer (and other far less important gluten free menu options). You can actually get ground chicken burgers as well as turkey and beef, and you can order them “in the grass” aka a bed of lettuce. Overall the focus on the quality of the food is obvious. And it’s the. Lowest thing Steve and I ever get to a brew pub these days so even in the midst of lots of noisy kiddos it’s somehow nostalgic. Note, most other parents in the area must feel the same way because there are always lots of families.
Some of my favorites:
The Baja Burger- chipotle sauce, avocado and jalapenos (be warned, for some reason their jalapeños are always insanely hot) it comes with pepper jack cheese by default so be sure to specify you don’t want it.
The West Coast Burger- kalamata olive mayo, avocado and a fried egg
The Buffalo Burger- ground chicken burger with diced celery and shredded carrots drizzled in their house made buffalo sauce(probably not paleo but I’m not asking- it is gf) I always order extra veggies and have them hold the blue cheese crumbles and dressing.
Horseradish Crusted Salmon- a substantial portion of a nicely crusted filet of salmon- again doubtful it is strict paleo given the crust but it is gluten free.
Chicken Tenders- – delicious chicken tenders that are house made and by default gf.

Available in numerous “flavors” we usually go insane buffalo style. Note- even though these are gf there does seem to be some sort of allergen in them as every time I eat them I get a lot of mucus in my throat and feel my allergies creeping on…

The only other thing of note I have to say about Plan B is they stock a gluten free beer which I, as a beer lover, think is pretty awesome. Nothing beats an ice cold beer with your burger patty, gluten free or not! Right now it is Bard’s but given their sensitivity to the gluten free community and their reputations for burgers, beer and bourbon maybe we’ll get lucky and they’ll bring in an alternative sometime soon.

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