Defining Moments – Lurong Challenge WOD 3

Defining moments, our lives are comprised of them.

We got home from 10 days away last night. 10 days of staying the course on a paleo diet in ways we saw fit. 10 days of skipping workouts and not giving it a second thought(really, if walking all day, carrying 40+ pound kiddos on your back and pushing double strollers isn’t a workout then what is….). 10 days of poor sleep in random beds in strange environments bombarding one’s senses.

10 days of allowing myself a second, or dare I say at times a third, drink. 10 days of questioning why I even signed up for the Lurong Challenge.

Then last night after waking early, flying to NYC, Driving several hours as the only adult with two young kiddos in the mini van with two caffeinated beverages fueling the trip, my husband texted me. I had just tucked in the kids. I had just brewed a cup of tea. I was minutes from bed. His text… “Hey Babe, don’t forget to wod and submit your score for Lurong!”

I could not believe it. It was 8:52, I was exhausted and the last thing I wanted to do was go down to the garage to do a bunch of dead lifts and risk waking my kiddos in the bedrooms above. But, what I wanted to do even less was quit.

I went downstairs, I didn’t even change out of my jeans. I set up 105 lbs on the bar to do a scaled version of Diane(I can’t do handstand pushups), worked through a very quick warm up, set my timer for 7 minutes, and knocked the WOD out. It was scaled, it was slow, but it was done.

For me this was a defining moment. I usually quit challenges. I have a tendency to not complete, to not follow through, to not completely subscribe to the program. Last night this changed for me. Last night was the perfect excuse to opt out. I didn’t.

Diet was totally clean today. No drinks tonight. I’m all in.

Let’s enjoy this next few weeks Lurong!

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