CrossFit Opens Starts This Week!

This blog is about food, fun and fitness and right now I have a list of post ideas a mile long and have been having a hard time choosing what to write on any given day. That being said CrossFit, our training mode of choice, plays a big part in most of them. I started cross fitting just over a year ago.

I arrived at CrossFit 033 with a 4 month old baby, my husband and my brother-in-law. They were looking to ramp up training for Lake Placid Ironman and I just wanted to feel human again after having my second child. It’s been a long, fun year. I’ve learned to do things I never thought possible and continue to do so. My speed and strength have undoubtedly improved  and when it comes to mental toughness this has definitely evolved.

I still have a long way to go but am happy to call myself a CrossFitter and will be participating in this year’s opens- In celebration of the momentous kick off this week, Chris Blum, a fellow cf’er from 033 sister box CrossFit Relentless wrote this poem to share with everyone:

’twas the night before opens
And all through the box
Athletes were sleeping
Some still in their socks
When we wake up to wod
Many of us will wonder
Will this be the year
That we defeat the mighty double under
We’ve practiced our cleans our releases and catches
But I really hope we don’t see any
f’n squat snatches
Our pull-ups are strong, our muscle ups too
My split jerk needs work and I doubt it’s the shoe
We have ab-mats,kettlebells and PVC galore
My guess is that come Saturday I’ll be flat on the floor
Many will finish, some fast and some slow
Just make sure to giddy-up
when you hear 3 2 1 GO

-Chris Blum, CrossFit Relentless, West Hartford, CT

Good luck every one!!!

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