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Crossfit, Consistency and Chinese Chicken Stir Fry

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I have been away from Crossfit for a couple of weeks now, as I haven’t been able to get rid of a cold that when I went for a run makes breathing difficult. Don’t get me wrong I actually look forward to my classes three times a week, but feeling run down even though Karl does tailor WOD’s to my abilities I still felt that I wouldn’t get what I really want out of the class.

I normally go to the 10.30 in the morning classes because I find that they get me in the right frame of mind for then doing my work. I’m lucky that I can go at this time as I work from home.

Most of the time I am more than happy with what I am able to do. But there are times when I get a little angry because I’m not as consistent as some others who attend my Crossfit Box are. Yes I have seen some real improvements in the way I look and as a result I will ensure that on my return from a few days away I will get back to Crossfit once more.

All this talk of Crossfit brings me back to the recipe part of this post. I know on my return to Crossfit I know I’ll feel famished after the session and will need to eat something suitable. I’m going to make this Chicken Stir Fry the night before. If you want to try it as well here is the recipe:

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Paleo Chinese Chicken Stir Fry

  • Clean and chop all of your vegetables. I cut the book chow and carrots on a diagonal, the cabbage into thin strips, the broccoli in to small florets. the bell pepper in to strips and the green onions from the white part up through the green stems.
  • Slice the chicken in 1/4″ strips
  • Heat two large skillets/woks over high heat(I cook my chicken separately and in the interest of time I run two skillets at once)
  • Melt down grease/oil
  • Add chicken to one skillet once hot and begin to stir fry until cooked through
  • In second skillet start by adding the carrots and broccoli.
  • After a few minutes drizzle in a bit of the broth or water to create steam and speed the cooking of the hard veggies
  • Stir in the green onions
  • After 2 minutes add the peppers and cabbage
  • Drizzle a bit more cooking fluid and stir
  • While chicken and Veggies are cooking combine coconut aminos, rice vinegar and arrowroot powder, stir until the arrowroot powder dissolves. Set this aside.
  • Once the chicken and vegetables are cooked combine with sauce and toss to coat.

This sauce was so simple and very tasty. Even better the day after than the night it was cooked, just like the best Chinese delivery or take out.

Weigh in on your thoughts as they relate to contentment and consistency, red wine and even Chinese Chicken Stir Fry… Thanks for stopping by:)



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